Daniel Fraga: The enthusiastic ANCAP Hero of BCH

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The first great Anarchist Capitalist (ANCAP) in the history of Brazil, and perhaps even the world, is undoubtedly a legend today. His name is Daniel Fraga a Youtuber who challenged the State system, politics, and the judiciary in Brazil, and thanks to bitcoin he emerged victorious!

Daniel was so controversial and so successful that he already has videos produced in other countries about him. Like this: The Missing Bitcoin Millionaire - Internet Mysteries

He also became a character in the Brazilian animation Ancap Park . The series will tell about an epic journey in the Austrian farms and in the Commune Park. The style of animation is based on the American series South Park.

Daniel Fraga in ANCAP PARK

The BCH enthusiastThe legendary story

It all started approximately in 2010 with his controversial videos on the YouTube platform, in which he showed the weaknesses and contradictions of State laws, the inefficiency of the state in the economy, and its oppressive modus operandi. Fraga demonstrated a lot of knowledge about ANCAP philosophy, but instead of just expressing his thoughts in his vlog, with speeches and texts, he went further, taking his entire anarchist philosophy into practice, in his daily life. Armed with his strength of expression, and the media power conquered with thousands of subscribers on his Youtube channel, and mainly provided with enough bitcoins. Daniel made a fuss with three Brazilian judges, and with a State Representative from Rio de Janeiro. The judges gave up on prosecuting him, as each subpoena Fraga exposed his contradictions on video to his audience, protected by the incensurable blockchain, said in one of his videos “Does this judge know what bitcoin is? If you don't know, I'll explain; Bitcoin is your worst nightmare, and what will make the state fall apart!

Daniel Fraga: The enthusiastic of BCH

While in the case of the Deputy, she went all the way, and demanded the blocking of Daniel Fraga's bank accounts to receive her compensation, but Fraga had already converted all of her money and assets into bitcoins, in fact almost everything, because on purpose left R$ 5.26 in his accounts, approximately $ 1.00 for the justice to find an active bank account, which could be blocked, and spoke about this case in one of his videos as follows: “These R $ 5.26 me I leave charity to the deputy, who certainly earns very little and needs more money, reminding viewers that this whole state attack against me is being sustained with your money! ”.

Fraga began to be sought by justice and disappeared in 2017 without a trace. There are only a few rare manifestations in 2018. His whereabouts are not known until today, but he made a fortune with bitcoin, as he was a recent adept of the currency, and was responsible for introducing bitcoins into Brazil, both with technical and philosophical explanations, but mainly in practice living as an authentic ANCAP. It distributes bitcoin by spreading the seeds of Satoshi and the Cypherpunk. At a time when bitcoin coins were only worth tens of dollars.

The Hero and the BCH

Before disappearing entirely in 2017 Daniel Fraga made statements about Bitcoin Cash (BCH), glimpsed in the currency the essential characteristics necessary for a true decentralized means of payment. In March 2018, when the price of BCH had dropped, approximately 76% asked a critical question addressed to Fraga whether he still thought BCH is the best cryptocurrency? And he replied: "I continue to support BCH, because BTC itself has already lost its way. A matter of time before people wake up". He was also asked about the Lightning Network, and he replied, "Forget the lightning network! Because this is just paraphernalia to keep the network centralized in the hands of some hubs." Fraga's texts show how much he was a BCH enthusiast and how he had a vision beyond reach, because today BCH already surpasses BTC in technology, while currently we see Core really stagnating bitcoin. Fraga, in his comments in 2018, said: “Core makes BTC plaster the system”.


Brazilians owe a lot to Daniel Fraga for the expansion of bitcoin in Brazil, certainly without him bitcoin would still crawl in our country. It is possible to imagine how much BCH would gain in notoriety and adoption in Brazil, if this national underground hero had not had his voice silenced. Unfortunately we only have his texts from the past, but the revolution must continue, we must focus on what is believed, and make the difference that we want. They are creating freedom through digital bits, and nothing can stop them, because those who deny freedom to others do not deserve it for themselves. The BCH represents the continuity of an objective that humanity always pursues, which is a freer world, a better world. With your finances in your custody, no cheating, no oppression.

To learn more about Daniel Fraga there are dozens of videos on the internet, like these, that served as sources for this text:

Daniel Fraga: O brasileiro que desafiou o Estado


The Missing Bitcoin Millionaire - Internet Mysteries


Confronto Entrevistas: Daniel Fraga


Analise: DANIEL FRAGA, processos e censura na internet


Daniel Fraga vira personagem de Animação


Ancap Park


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Very interesting many thanks for the info. I hope he went safely to a paradise beach somewhere with all his coin.

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Cool. Didn't know anything about this guy. Looks like he's a real hero! Hope he's well.

Thanks for this great article!

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I am very grateful for your generous contribution! Fraga's story is fantastic, he was happy to share it. If possible, share it with more people you may not know, the world needs to know that heroes still exist!

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Daniel Fraga is a Legend

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Oh yeah! And he is BCH like us!

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