When you’ve grown

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2 years ago

I once saw some one said “ true growth is when you become tired of your own shit” not any one else’s shit; but your own. Made so much complete sense, it was as if whoever said it this had me in mind.

Like seriously!

I use to be this kind of person that cared so much about how people treated me, I would get so angry at the fact that people the reciprocate the kind of vibes or energy I give them.

I guess I expect too much from people, probably because I give too much too,I was wrong to expect that people would be what I think to be.

Funny right?

Yeah! It’s childish to expect anything from anyone, people are just being people and someday you will understand and when that day comes and you understand.

You begin to understand that nobody gives a fuck about anything, do the best you can without expecting anything in return.

After all, people are just being people and whether you like it or not just do you, if you are the type that goes extra length for people,like you always the first to check on others and when you find someone in trouble or your friend you go the entire 9 yards for them.

You know what! 

Continue, I want you to know that you are special, I want you to continue being who you are, do not let other people bad behavior to change the good you.

As I grow older I became tired of expecting my friends will care and check on me like I always do for them, instead I choose to continue to be nice, to give and not expecting anything in return.

I realize that the more I expect anything from people the more disappointed I become,I guess it’s better to give and not expect anything in return, I can confidently say, that since I stopped expecting anything from anyone I have truly been at peace with myself.


Someone told me nothing changed that I’ve just grown.

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2 years ago

Good job 👍. Keep caring about about others. You will get the reward somehow someday.

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2 years ago