To be a man…

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2 years ago

When I was young I often heard my big uncles say to one another these sets of words “ to be a man is not a day’s job” and I would watch them from a far as they chat and laugh about everything.

Deep within me?

If wishes were horses; I would be one immediately and join this league of men. I truly admire everything about all of them, they get to grow and keep this fancy, well carved beard around there faces.Then the  way they talk and how they walk; sometimes makes me so proud of these my uncles.

Nothing baffles me more than their abundance of freedom to do anything,like these guys can literally go anywhere, come back anytime and no one ask them a single question,

I mean…

Most of them stay on their own, do everything on their own and unlike me that, if I disappear from the house for as low as 30 minutes without any proper explanations, my butt will live to tell the stories, I will have to explain in tears,details of where I went to.

That is by the way now as years have passed and one way or the other I am beginning to see the true meaning to that saying “ to be a man is not a day’s job” I now realized that it comes with so much enormous responsibilities.

Hmmm 🤔 

Responsibilities that are sometimes not negotiable,one continues to pay bills,it never ends. I think I have officially entangled myself in this world where no one gives a fuck about how I feel; “just pay the bills” is the only language of peace.

I know most men will understand.

Yesterday, I was at the family house and while I was there I quietly took my bottle of cold beer and went somewhere around the house where I can breath some fresh air without hearing of any issues. While I was there by myself enjoying some peace and quiet.

I found two of my uncles followed me and sat with me as well, they brought up issues in the family that needed to be resolved and they seemed to seek my opinion on these matters; strange,

O Boi! I am a man too.

Sadly the title came a bit too late,It was then that I realized that being a man is about responsibilities,I guess a man is really not a man if he can not shoulder responsibilities. How you achieve it never really matters; really no one cares; just do what you’ve got to do.

Right now?

Crystal clear that,what my dad often say that “ only babies, pets are loved unconditionally, a man is loved under the conditions that he can provide”That’s deep,but that’s how it’s

It is what it is…

Now I know, at least that the freedom of being a man don’t just come for free, it comes instead with a price that is constantly not negotiable. Nobody said it like this, if I had my way, I would rather remain that young boy that his parents did everything for, being a man is a scam,

You know why?

Never a day’s job.

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2 years ago


When we were young, we wished to be adults. But now, we wish we were younger.

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2 years ago