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2 years ago

Today I was at my cousins' place, while I was there I asked all four of them one after the other , who they will like to be when they grow up and the first one said.

Uncle, I will like to be a superhero, so I ask which one among them; since there are so many of them with different unique abilities, he answered and said Superman, the one that can fly.

Why Superman?

I asked and he said, “so I can beat all the bad guys and put them behind bars”. Wow! That's kind of cool right.

Such a noble thing, very noble you know. The others also mentioned their superheroes as they all drive towards the same thing, “ beating up bad guys”.


One thing I found peculiar about all the comic characters they had picked; its the fact that they were all extraordinary in one way particular way; not because they had all those abilities, from exuding thunder to bringing out laser lights from the eyes or flying, to jumping from one building to the other; while entangling bad guys with the webs.

The answer is not all that.

The answer is like this, the idea of all the superheroes possessing that many abilities, that much power and still they choose to live like ordinary people. They could easily go and live somewhere in the clouds and bend men to worship them but instead, they choose to be extraordinary.

Not only in terms of physical strengths but, also in terms of humility, they choose to live like humans, like ordinary people on the streets.


The answer is simple, because there are so many values in ordinary things doing extraordinary and significant things, take a deep look at plants,they are ordinary but, human nourishment and survival mostly depend on them.

Ordinary sands, yet they build us houses. Ordinary animals, yet they give us food. Ordinary water and our lives depend mostly on it.

My point is, 

Ordinary things somehow are doing the most significant and extraordinary things in the world. As insignificant as we think insects are, without them in the world the entire Cosmos will cease to exist, yet they have never been unhappy with the values they add to us.

As matter of fact!

They have never competed with one another, instead, they have been complimenting one another. If every human being could learn the act of complimenting instead of competing with one another then, the world will be an extraordinary place for everyone to live in.

There won't be any need for so much anger, greed, desperation, or hate in our world instead, the world would be a super peaceful place for everyone to live in.

The world will be one big family, just the way it's supposed to be, won't you agree?

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2 years ago


I didn't know that Joker is a superhero :) It's just for me :)

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2 years ago

We should complement one another to be extraordinary.

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2 years ago