Pay it forward...

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2 years ago

Life can be funny sometimes, not everything is always the way they appear. Just because it faces you doesn't mean it's facing other people; as it faces you, my friend, it turns its back to others.

Nothing is always what it seems, nothing is certain in this world. You may have now, remember that the man next to you may not have. All fingers are not equal, collectively we can make it go round.

Before I sleep every night, I ask myself, “what good thing have you done today,” not to someone I know but, to a total stranger, this keeps me in line with my humanity.

One may never know what the other person is going through if an effort to check is not made, what you have now was never meant for you alone, you were given not because of yourself alone, but because creation believes that there are a lot of people you could assist with what you’ve got.

A tree does not bear fruits for its gain, neither do flowers blossom in fragrance for their benefits. A clown can not amuse himself, it's more amusing when he entertains the crowd.

You have all you have not because of who you are or what you know, instead, you have all you have because there is a lot of burdens that could be easily lifted with your share.

Learn to give no matter how little, it takes nothing to be kind, show some kindness to someone today.

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Giving is receiving

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