How pandemic affects us

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3 years ago

Considering the situation that my country Philippines is facing right now, it is very hard to sustain and provide your needings. I'm actually a student and I can say that it is very hard to study at these pandemic times. We have no enough money to buy load and we have no stable connection that is why we are experiencing big struggles in terms of online class.

And I came to know this read cash website, somehow it helps me but I thinks its not enough. We have 4 in the family that still studying, and as a matter of fact, we are a recipient of 4'ps that is why we have a big struggle in terms of financial.

I know there are members here with a good heart, and I am seeking for your kindness. I will apreciate your help just by subscibing ang liking my articles. All articles here are made of lots of effort, and I am begging to read and appreciate it

And also, I'm seeking for your donations. A litte cash can help me a lot. Life in these moments are very hard but I want to graduate. I want to see my parents proud, and to get there, I need your help.

Thank you and God bless

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I appreciate you. Please continue to write articles to amazed everyone here. I bet they will going to donate. Trust

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3 years ago