God will make a way

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2 years ago

Coronavirus or commonly known as COVID19. This virus was very contagious for it affects human even our way of living. My life has been completely uprooted because of the virus that caused a seismic tear to everybody.

The coronavirus started as much less of a real threat than it is now and when you focus yourself to the situation that this pandemic has brought to us, you will see a big difference, something that seems to invoke fear in both the communities of the internet and real-life by upheaving peace and normalcy.

As I focus my self to the situation that we are experiencing right now, this pandemic really changed everything and it was so sad that the world feels so paralyzed in state of thinking of the dreaded future.

As far I can see this pandemic is a huge destruction and interruption in the field of education and it feels like anxiety starts to harbors us. Students during this time were not able to concentrate, our focus seems to be freezed and totally struck with this crisis.

Uncertainty. During time, we are clueless. We are not certain to our safety because everbody seems to have this virus and we can never afford to live our lives again when something bad happens and sometimes, we tend to express this feeling through prayer because behind this uncertainties we must connect ourselves to God, pray because it actually works.

In the field of econimics, this crisis brought a significant damage that until today, we are experiencing a degrading economic status and it is really grueling.

But on the other hand, this pandemic also invokes positivity in the lives of many. Being optimistic, is one of broad characteristics that can changed all negativities that surrounds us and because of this crisis, we become strong and developed the the trait called STRONG FAMILY TIES. This pandemic makes us closer to our families an even GOD.

Somehow at this point, we were given the chance to communicate and reunite with God and In every single day, we must thank him for giving us another day and life to live. We must also live the inner peace on us and if possible, until the end of this fight, DON'T LOSE HOPE. Because I believe that God gave his toughest battle to him strongest soldiers, and with that I'm always hoping that soon, GOD WILL HEAL OUR LAND.

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I like your article.it's a important article for us.thanks.

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