Everyone is fabulous

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2 years ago

Are you happy with yourself? Or are you driven by the words of many? That you are ugly or you are worthless either? Technically, they are wrong.

No one in this world born ugly, there is always the so called beauty deep inside every individuals. May it be born with a chocolate skin, flat nose or even have the disability like dwarfism, those characteristics are once called impresive and exceptional beauty for they have the beauty inside that can amazed everyone.

Now, if you are one of them, if you don't have enough confidence to face the bullies that surrounds you, at this point, you must know how to show off your confidence because nothing believes you except your self.

Give yourself some shine, the brightest appreciation that you could have to yourself that will make yourself always PROUD. Of whatever skin color you have, what kind of face you have because it sounds useless, it doesn't matter at all. Because you are enough, because you are fabulous.

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