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First of all, What is a Blog?

Blogs is basically an online "diary" that you can share your ideas and thoughts on a certain topic, post your latest news or information to discuss and give your opinion to your audience in a form of writing or text on a website or webpage.

So nowadays, the first thing that would come to your mind when you hear the word "Blogs" or "Blogging", is a person recording his/her life or a daily basis, on what`s going on his/her life using a video recorder. Right?

Yes, you are right, also somewhat wrong. There are actually two types, on how you share your content to an audience and that is "Vlogs" and "Blogs". Although its a same idea, in a way that both of them has a single goal. And that is sharing your own content to your audience, but in a two different form.


Blogs - this actually started way back 1994 up until now, where you can use a website or a webpage to write an article, ideas, thoughts or any certain topics and subject to share to your audience, in a form of text.



Vlogs - in short for "video logs" as the name suggest, you are logging or recording your content in a form of video file usually using a video recorder, then after that broadcast it to your audience for them to watch and listen.



Now that I explained to you the idea and concept of a blog, now we`re going to the real topic, which is I think the next big thing, and that is MicroBlogging with a tip.

What is MicroBlogging

Microblogging is actually same as blogs but in a shorter form. Compare to blogs that usually post on a hosted website with a specific topic, microblogging on the other hand, has a shorter post or update on a lot of different topics with an online audience, and the user usually post more often.

Its been decade since microblogging started, there`s tons of microblogging site since the trend started but here are the most popular, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Reddit, and the most recent one is Facebook.

We all know that this platform specialize in their respective category like, posting photos, short thoughts, videos and more that could gain hundreds or even thousands of likes but that`s it.

But little do they know, that there is an upcoming microblogging platform that could change the face of the game, and that is MicroBlogging with a Tip.

Noise Cash

I introduce to you the next big thing, Noise.cash a microblogging platform which supported or powered by Bitcoin Cash. It has the same idea of having your own content, sharing it to your followers that interest your topic, interact and engage to your audience but very unique to other platform.

Now you will ask, what is the thing that could define or differentiate Noise Cash to other platform? The answer is, "Tip"

In here you can earn Bitcoin Cash while you`re doing the same thing to other micro blogging platforms. Starting from Posting, Renoised (share) or just Commenting to other user's post.

And I think if you are here, you already know what is cryptocurrency, and Noise Cash earnings are paid in Bitcoin Cash. So here`s a very short explanation what is Bitcoin cash.

Bitcoin cash is a fork of Bitcoin created on 2017, and to put it simple. Bitcoin Cash work significantly better than Bitcoin, faster transfer almost in an instant, with super minimal fees. That is why a lot of establishment and businesses are slowly trying to adopt Bitcoin Cash as a better alternative payment.



How to create an account on Noise Cash

Here I will guide you how to create an account, also teach you what are the things you need to do first, before really using Noise Cash.

  • Registration - I would say, trying to create an account on Noise Cash are easy with just a few steps, just Email address, Password, Name (Cannot be change). They will send you a code for the email verification, after that it will direct you to the rules that need to be followed and agreeing to it.


  • Rules - here the basic rules in Noise Cash, remember that breaking any of this could result to a permanent ban or the platform will revoke their sponsorship and the outcome, you cannot give and receive tips. After registering and agreeing with the rules, it would direct you to your profile, where you can put a profile picture and put your own bio.



Set up your wallet

After you finish setting up your profile photo and bio, the next step you must do and the most important part of all, is to set up your wallet first. This is located at the top right beside the notification bell, it will direct you to your wallet setting. Check the photo below.

Here in your wallet settings, you need to put your Bitcoin Cash address, where all of your earnings would go. If you don`t have one you can register here Bitcoin.com or you can use other available wallet in here bch.info/en/wallets.

Additional info: you can set your minimum payout, as you can see, I set my minimum payout to a dollar and it also shows how many tips you received.

Basic Features:

  • Subscriptions - here you can see all the post of the users you subscribed

  • Chamber - you can search different kinds of chamber, where you can post a related topic based on that chamber. Also you can bookmark that chamber.

  • Explore - you will find here all sort of recent post on Noise Cash

  • Search - in here you can search a user`s name, chamber, or a keyword to a post that you're looking for.

How Noise Cash works

Noise Cash works are like any other microblogging platforms, you post or share your thoughts on things and topic that people could talk about, post your photo with caption worthy, renoise(share) other people post that might need attention and lastly create your own content that people would find interesting.

Then you might ask that, its the same as the other platform then why would I use Noise? Because everything you do here can earn a "Tip", by posting you can earn a tip, by sharing other post you can earn a percentage of the tips and lastly, by just engaging or interacting to comments you can also earn a tip.

Heart Tip - this is actually from the latest update of noise, which users can receive heart (tips) from their post, comments and renoised (share). You can also give other user a heart, for a chance for them to receive tips.

Heart tips -ranges between $0.01 up to $0.04. Also not all hearts have value.


  • Post a self thought content that other users might find interesting. A topic or an idea that you can use to interact or engage with your audience.

  • You can post a photo(owned) and add a caption that explain your thoughts or what is the story behind that photo.

  • As a user, you can comment on a post that interest you but make sure that it is relevant to the post.

  • Be polite, engage and interact to others that you find interesting, respond responsibly and accordingly.


  • As much as possible don`t post something that are nonsense or a post that doesn't need any thinking or a post that are nothing to interact and engage with.

    Ex. Good morning , Hi, How are you guys?, Did you eat already?, Goodnight.

  • Avoid posting Quotes, photos from internet, copying content from others platforms, posting an obvious scam links, pornography or anything that might disgust or offend other users.

  • Don`t respond on a post with a irrelevant comment like emoji or nonsense just to receive a tip. The user can report you as spam

  • Avoid doing multiple accounts to multiply your earnings or help your other accounts, because the system can detect that and can ban all of your accounts.

  • Don`t literally spam post just because Noise Cash allowed you to, to increase your chances of receiving tips. Users can report you as a Spam and they have the right to do so.

Rate - I would say that this is one of the unique features of this platform. You can rate others based on their content. Not all users has this feature, only good and excellent rated users, could rate others specially newcomers.

Of course having this kind of ability is same as having a responsibility, it should be use based on users content, and not based on your emotions towards the user.

Reminder: A user that are rated as Spam cannot give tips to others or receive tips that came from Noise. You can tip a Spam rated user by Qr code, using your own money.

Improvements and Updates

Just to give you a little bit of context on what is Noise Cash before, so you can have an idea on how they improve the platforms. When I started on Noise Cash, the platform will give you Free tips, to give it to others users that have an interesting contents.

But before then, there is no difference between Good or Bad content, so eventually people abuse that by spamming post to receive tips or doing giveaways just to spend their Free tips. Then an update happened, where the system would choose if the content of a user is a Good quality or Low quality because that would be the basis if the Noise would continue giving you sponsorship or Free tips.

Slowly some user cannot receive free tips, specially those users that spam and use the Free tips as a giveaways. A lot of disagreement happened because some user took the "Low quality" as an offense towards them.

Because of that, an update happened, where a users can "Rate" other users based on their content. Right after the update, you can see a big difference, less spam, better content, people really giving some thoughts on their post.

But some people still use their Free tip irrationally , like giving all their tip on their second account or just someone that they knew, like close friends. So noise made an update where they slowly removing Free tips and replacing them with heart tips.

And as of now, as I published this article, the latest update are implemented, They completely remove free tips and replace them with a heart tips. You can immediately notice the improvement of post and specially on the comment section where user`s becomes more interacting and engaging.

Of course not all given heart to a post, shares and comment have value, Noise Cash still detects if your response are atleast related to the post.

My Overview of Noise Cash

In my understanding, Noise Cash is a platform that you can use like a normal social media platform while earning a specific cryptocurrency called Bitcoin Cash, and sponsored by Marc De Mesel. You can check his Twitter and Youtube here.

In my knowledge, Noise Cash is not just a platform that give free money to people, but its real goal is to spread awareness on how easy and adoptable Bitcoin Cash is, as a future payments online. Its also show us that it can do what Bitcoin originally supposed to do, to be the future digital currency that can be used a as payment on a daily basis. You can learn more about Bitcoin Cash here https://bitcoincash.org/

Noise Cash is not a platform that can make you rich or replace your job. But it can help you somehow while learning more about cryptocurrency and its future. Also at the same time you can use the platform, not only to enjoy, make friends but also be a part of what could be the future of social media platform, and that is adopting to cryptocurrency.

This is the reason why I said on the title that, Microblogging with a tip is the next big thing, because millions of users in Twitter, Facebook or any microblogging doesn`t know about cryptocurrency. So imagined those people would get exposure to cryptocurrency, it could change the game of social media platforms as more people would adopt cryptocurrencies.

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I hope I can learn and improve more from your comments, to create better articles.

P.S. Cryptoholic is my name in Noise Cash

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