If somehow humans disappeared, what would happen to the earth?

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3 years ago

One day I woke up and sluggishly opened the windows. Surprisingly, I saw something strange outside our house. Prior to that, there were throngs of people walking everywhere that jammed and narrowwed the way. Several minutes ago, something came up in my mind, "what would happen to Earth if all people suddenly disappeared?"

Do you imagine what would happen to all the creatures and structures built here? How natures and animals live without humans? And how our earth would work without the human power.

What is happening today actually looks like this due to the pandemic COVID 2019. Just read the possible things that might happen when people totally disappeared.

1. Just a few hours after humans disappear, lights around the world will shut down.

2. Within 10 days, pets and farm animals will die out due to starvation and dehydration.

3. A few weeks later, those adorable small dog breeds will no longer exist as packs of bigger dogs hunt them down and take them out.

4. A month later, cooling water in nuclear power plants will evaporate leading to “a series of explosions much stronger than the Fukushima and Chernobyl disasters.”

5. After a year, the sky will light up with the thousands of objects we’ve put in Earth’s orbit as they come crashing back down.

6. A quarter of a century after man’s disappearance, 75% of the planet’s paved city streets and sidewalks will be covered in vegetation.

7. Cities like Las Vegas and Dubai will be smothered in sand as “the desert takes what belongs to it.”

8. After 300 years, metal constructions like the Eiffel Tower and steel bridges, without maintenance, will crumble to the ground.

9. Swamps that once covered large parts of the world will reappear.

10. The only evidence of man-made buildings after 10,000 years will be stone constructions, which can last several hundred thousand years.

Now, What can you say about this?


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3 years ago


We are the stewards of the earth and we have to perform our duty as the caretakers of it

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3 years ago