Bruised and Broken

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3 years ago

— I find my heart broken again, as the blood begins to spill,

Feeling the pain surging in my veins, throughout my body,

Tears flowing from my eyes, as I try to wipe them dry,

Wondering what did I do to deserve this kind of hurt,

As I felt the cold gush of wind, against my warm skin.

I was just sitting by the edge of a stone by the cliff,

Looking down and seeing that it seems an endless pit,

No, I am not going to jump down to my death,

I am just watching the abyss below me as if I am gonna fall,

But no, I am not going to jump off this cliff and die.

Even if my heart was bleeding from the brokenness,

I am also trying to heal myself and the pains I've been through,

Even if I see some pieces of my heart near my fingers,

As I try to keep it all together, to be whole all over again,

Even if the healing is much painful than the hurt or pain I've been through.

'Cause even if I am going through this kind of hell again,

It makes me realize how fragile I can be, in each attempt I make,

I get bruised and broken, swollen and in real pain,

But each of it makes me stronger, even if I am breakable,

As I learn to be much wiser in each experience I've been through.

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