— Between Living and Dying —

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3 years ago

If life was as easy as we wish,

Maybe a lot of us won't self-harm,

If life wasn't complicated as it is,

Maybe some of us can deal with life,

In a manner that they can sleep at night.


Life can fck the hell up in a person,

Regardless of the reason, time or season,

It doesn't matter what your status is,

Who you are or what you are doing,

Life would wring you dry if you are not ready.

But then...

It can be ironic, it can be painful,

You laugh, you smile, you cry, you get sad,

Emotions flooding here and there,

As some of us lit a cigarette and think,

How do you deal with this life, anyway?


It can suck the hell out of you, or it empowers you,

You live, you die, whatever is there for you,

You may live longer or die younger,

So, as long as you are alive, enjoy this life,

Before you find yourself, 6 feet under...

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