Healthy life Tips: Insomnia

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3 years ago

Insomnia s now very common in our generation.slowly slowly it becominga disease.It is Increasing in People day bu day.But people are Not aware of it.

What is Insomnia?

According to wikipedia-Insomnia, also known as sleeplessness is a sleeping Disorder in which people have trouble in sleeping.

It may Cause due to so Many reason.but In our Generation i thing it causes Due to Sleeping irregularity.For Some people it may Occur for short duration and in Some people It occurs for Months.


In Different person cause of Insomnia Is Differen, But some common cause are-






6.Durning Menstruation etc.

Effect of Insomnia:

Dua to insomnia People Have to suffer many Example

1.Some People may Suffer from obesit, Cardiac problem, increase Risk of Diabetes .

2.Alter Functions of Brain

3.Food Habit abnormality

4.specially Feeling Sleepy All day long

5.sexual abnormality ETC.


To keep away Yourself from insomnia and it's bad effect you Need to know Some tips.

1.Try to become Freash or take a Bath before sleep.

2.Try to not Use your phone just before sleep

3.Make habit of reading books or Studying before going to sleep.

4.if You think,i m not sleepy the You can perform Namaz or do any prayer.

5.Avoid Spicy and Oily food.Eat healthy fruits bofore going to bad.

6.sleep early and weak up early.

After all it is all about your habit,which effects your sleep try to sleep in a regular time.a good sleep make you Worthy to lead you next day.

Sleeping is not just Rest of your body,it also the reas of your all brain activities and hormones secrerion also maintain by proper sleep.

So,sleep Well,Live Well

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3 years ago


l should follow ur instructions to keep my life health good job keep it up

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3 years ago

I have insomnia and I cannot sleep whole night. I am drinking 3 in 1 coffee maybe that's the reason that I can't sleep. Specially when I am stress.

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3 years ago

I think You Should Take Less Coffee,and do not take it After evening

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3 years ago

Coffee is my best friend .. though ya I need to drink coffee in moderation now. Cause I drink 3 to 4 when I am stressed. Thanks dear. 🤗

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3 years ago