A haunted true story

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I had a friend named Sumon who committed suicide. The following events took place after his death.(I urge those who sleep alone at night or are afraid of ghosts not to read this article)
Once I went back to a friend's house and it took me many nights. At eleven o'clock at night I got out of my friend's house and got on the bike.When I came to Rahimpur graveyard by bike, the bike suddenly stopped. I was sitting on the side of the bike on the side of the road watching and wondering what happened.I'm holding a cigarette and watching. When I saw the pea sitting on the bike, Sumon stood on the other side of the bike and said,

What happened to the bike?
I looked at him once and said in a normal way, and don't say dude, I don't understand what happened. Not taking the stud. What are you doing here?Sumon said I went out for a walk. It didn't feel good to be alone..I stood up and wiped the ink of the plug on my hand with a cloth and asked to see if it would take a stand this time.Saying this, he took the bike stand to kick.I gave the bike a pull. After coming some distance, I thought, who am I talking to?With Sumon?

How is this possible?Sumon committed suicide with a rope around his neck about ten years ago. But who did I talk to?It was as if I was frozen on the bike. Bikes are running above 60 on the broken roads of the village but it seems that the house is far away.When I got home, I couldn't believe that I was wrong. Because I clearly remember talking to Sumon.

An elected member of the area (not wanting to be named) died of an illness. A few days ago I found out about the illness from his people.When Sumon died, the member forbade many people to go to Sumon's funeral. Shortly after Sumon was buried, he fell ill.I ate at ten o'clock that night and went to the verandah once. The body does not feel good if you do not eat and walk.There are three or four more in the house.The door to everyone's house was closed, but I turned on the porch lights to see who was standing there.When the lights came on, I saw a body with a rotten body standing in the corner of the yard.I couldn't move. The body came to the porch grill as it came forward a little bit.I can't move or scream. I fainted when Body grabbed my hand through the grill and screamed. After that the member did not remember anything.

Another incident has come to light in the investigation about Sumon.Then it's summer time. At dawn.I looked away and saw a body with skin and flesh hanging from it. He is standing. The eyes are burning red like fire. Believe me I saw clearly. At night, however, the street lights were illuminated all around.

A year after Sumon's death. I heard the incident from a friend of mine.One of his senior nephews stays with him as the friend stays alone at night. The nephew's name is Robi. Robbie has a shop which he closes every night at eleven o'clock and sleeps in a bed in a friend's room. I am writing down in the same way as I heard from my friend.I was lying down. The eyes are a little sleepy. Suddenly Robi's uncle came and knocked on the door and entered. Then he came to my head and sat down. I've been talking all day about what he did or didn't do.Suddenly I saw Robbie's uncle's eyes were falling apart. Two eyes came out of the hole.Uncle Ravi was on my chest when I got out of bed to talk about why this would happen

Gave a hand.I can't get up or talk. I can't even shout. I saw that the hand above my chest was not the hand of a normal human being. Gradually the hand pressure increases. Meanwhile, all the flesh of Ravi's uncle's face has fallen off and at one point his face has become Sumon's.I jumped up on the bed and saw the two doors of the room open wide. I got up and covered my father and mother from sleep. They said you dreamed. At one point I also thought I had a dream..When I came to the house, I saw that Ravi's uncle was holding his hand and it was very irritating. I lifted the t-shirt and saw that the fingers of five hands were red on the skin. One more thing. If I had a dream, I would have slept with the door locked. What if I found the two doors open?

Uncle Robbie did not come to sleep with me that night. Or he went to visit his elder brother's father-in-law's house that afternoon.The next morning I and a few other friends saw a left handprint on my friend's chest that was still there in the morning. The incident was told to us on the same day which I did not remember to write in the last incident. Still has friend The fear of what happened that night is still in his mind.This time it is my word. Many say when did you first see ghosts. I have not seen ghosts. But the first thing I saw, I wrote down.

Then the age is less.

It can be said that I read in class five six. Since I live in a village, I am not afraid of darkness.I don't care about the fear of ghosts except when I hear my grandmother's story. Anyway, I will sit down to read one evening. Before sitting down to read in the afternoon, leaving the body dust, just wash your feet up to your knees regularly and sprinkle a little water on your hands and face.I went to the coconut grove in the pond to wash my hands and face in fear of my mother with the look of burning in the sun. As soon as I sat down, I heard some people shouting and crying at the house of Zillud.I got up and ran. Zillud's house is on the other side of Khokon's coconut garden. Then the evening is coming to an end. The sun has set but there is plenty of light.As I was walking through the bottom of the coconut grove, I saw a white plume of smoke floating in the air in front of me, passing through me and walking along the corner without touching the water of the large pond next to it.Even with a small brain, I paused for a minute. Then I went to Zillud's house and found out that Zillur's grandfather had died..Believe me. The shape I saw was just a shape of smoke. I thought for a long time what I saw. Did I see the soul that left the body of Zillur's grandfather a while ago?I saw the soul that had left the body of Zillur's grandfather a while ago. That's the first thing I've ever seen. Then the day passed. I have faced more such experiences. Many will think, I am a storyteller. Wrote the story. That's true. I am a storyteller but not a liar.Every line of this writing is true. There is nothing to disbelieve the invisible. Who knows, maybe unknowingly someone is lying on the pillow next to you with his head down and looking at you.It would have been better if Sumon's incident had ended here, but Sumon's ordeal lasted for a few months in our area.

I will write it slowly.


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this was sppooky lol

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