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Hello people. I'm here today again with a very interesting article. I want to teach you people how to speak my language. The name of my language is Yoruba language. I'm from Oyo state which is part of South West in Nigeria. I'll be teaching you few word today and I hope you follow up. Thanks. So let's start...

Jeun- Jeun means eat.

Wa- Wa means come

Wa jeun- This means come and eat.

Yoruba language is actually very easy to speak especially when you live in a Yoruba land. Look at the way I was able to link those two words together. Other examples are:

Nibo lon lo- Where are you going to?

Mabinu- I'm sorry

Ekaaro- Good morning

Ekaasan- Good afternoon

Ekaale- Good evening

Odaaro- Goodnight.

You can actually learn Yoruba language within six months in Nigeria. If you learn within six months, you'll know the basis of the language. You'll be able to understand the ones that you'll hear everyday.

There are six Yoruba states in Nigeria. They are: Oyo State, Ogun State, Lagos State, Osun State, Ekiti State and Kwara State. These are the six original Yoruba states in Nigeria. There are also two other states that speak Yoruba language. They are: Edo State and Kogi State. Not all part of these two states speak Yoruba language.

Also, there are different types of Yoruba language. We have Ijebu, Ekiti, Ilesha, Eegun and many more. Infact, it is uncountable. We can't count how many Yoruba languages we have. But the major Yoruba language that people speak is the Oyo state Yoruba. For example, the general meaning of Good Afternoon is Ekaasan. It is also Ekaasan in Oyo State and it's Eweso in Ogun State. The Eweso is the Ijebu Yoruba. Also, in Ijebu, their language differs.

Yoruba language is very wide and also easy to learn. In Nigeria, Yoruba language is the simplest language you can learn. If you begin to learn about Yoruba language today, in three months, you should be able to speak little. A lot of people in the country including non Yoruba people understand Yoruba language because of it's simplicity. Also, Yoruba language is the second popular language in Nigeria.

The Yoruba people are wonderful people and very accommodating. There's no way you will regret visiting a Yoruba land. Our culture is one of the most popular cultures in Africa. I'll give you examples. In Yoruba land, a lady is expected to kneel down before her parents she wants to greet them. A man is supposed to prostrate. Whatever respect you have for your parents should also be given to people who are older than you...

Let me stop here for now. I'll see you all some other time🙂🙂.

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1 year ago


Yoruba language is very easy to learn and speak..and also one of the most popular Nigerian language.. Is good to see someone writing article about it

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1 year ago