There is no difference.

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2 years ago

Let's take a walk back to 5years ago.

Did you noticed that nothing actually changed.

Yeah, except your age and physique what else changed?


  • I changed my environment.

  • I changed my phone.

  • I changed my location. I even rented an apartment.

  • My marital status changed.

  • 5years ago, I was still a student but now I am now a graduate. I was aspiring and seeking admission 5years ago but today I am an undergraduate.

Above all, nothing changed.

Are you actually saying nothing changed after all these evident that you know.

Yeah, I am saying nothing changed. There are only two things that changed which are?

The information you had at your disposal.

One of the basic catalyst for change is the information available to you. I hope you will agree with me that you will not have been here if the information about read cash is not available for you. Or how would you know that there is a platform where you can earn and learn at the same time if not for the information that is available for you.

Even if you have the zeal to achieve something new and the information is not available for you, you will only have a zeal without result.

One of the things that changed is the information available to you.

The people you met.

This is another thing that changed. The category of people that you meet is also a catalyst for change. There are people here that have influenced me even without seeing them and I believe you that you are reading this, you also have met some people here who has changed you in one way or the other.

The way the universe is programmed, you are bound to meet at least a new person in a day but how well do you react to these people and how well do you connect with them.

Information is power but whatever money can buy, relationships can pay for it.

Information that requires thousands of dollars can be gotten for free if you have good relationship with others.

Decision rule.

I believe you will accept with me that there is no difference except in the information and the people that we meet. If that is true, how are you preparing for the next 5years in terms of information and people.

  • Who are those people that you think might help you achieve your dream?

  • What are the information needed?

If you are able to get this right, 5years goal might be achieved in a year or less.

Information can be gotten from books so how many books do you plan to read?

If what you need is information, how proactive are you or what are you wiling to sacrifice in getting the information? How zealous are you towards achieving the result that you wanted?

If you are not getting the expected result, get more quality information.

Getting information might not be enough because there are certain information that are readily available but you must be guided on how to use them. So information might need information on how to optimally use it.

Everything you need to survive and be successful in life is in the hands of other people.

How well are you managing those that cross your path?

Till I cross your path again, I am like a ready made pen in the hand of the creator. I am


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