The greatest gifts

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2 years ago

Life has dealt with each and everyone of us in different form and that alone alone has made us to have different perspective about life.

  • What seems right to me might not be right to you.

  • What is possible for me might not be possible for you.

  • The path you followed, if I followed same path, I might not get anything from it.

It is not about life presenting itself to us but at times, it is about the opinion that we've formed in our head.

Whether I like it or not, whether you are okay by it or not, today has become history for us all and nothing can change that.

I could remember, I had another perspective about life when I read a book while in school titled, "17 secrets of high flying students".

The first pages of the book changed my life till today maybe book is the greatest gift that I want to talk about?

No!!! But if you understand the quote, it might help you to understand the reason behind this posts.

Life will never give you what you deserve but what you decide.

  • You deserve to be taken care of.

  • You deserve to be adored.

  • You are a king, you deserve to have all the goodies that your heart desire.

  • Everything you need suppose to come with ease.

But are you really getting what you deserve?

The answer is No right

Okay, then what about those things that you have decided. Even though, all might not come to pass but larger portion of what you decided and work towards achieving it becomes yours.

What helped you are the two greatest gift of life.


If you ask me who a poor man is, I will glad say, a man that does not understand the millionaire mindset.

If you cannot see it in your mind, you cannot have it in your mind and the way the mind is programmed to work, there is no limit to what you can get from your mind.

Have you ever imagined an outing and you will be happy just to note that things keep working just as you have imagine.

If wishes were horses, beggars will ride.

Not everything you imagined will come to pass but the one that you imagined and work towards it shall come to me.

Though, everything you ever worked hard for might not be yours but at the end, you will never regret putting in the hard work of you truly work hard for it.

There is a part of the mind called the subconscious mind. It bridges the gap between your thoughts and reality.

If you really take proper care of your mind and use it effective, there are more goodies on earth than you can imagine

Opportunities abound much more than challenges just that your mind is not yet trained to see opportunities in challenges.

Do you also know that you cannot get from your mind beyond how you feed it?

As you keep eating everyday so as to have energy to keep up with your daily activities, feed your mind as well so that it can function well.


The only asset that is the same for all is time.

You cannot have more than 24hours or is there a way to have more than 24hours.

I guess there is none.

Look back and check what you thought might not be possible and you will realise that whether you do that thing or not, time will reach.

I can imagine where I will be in November during May and here I am today, November has come and gone.

Even if you did not have a dime, always remember that you have an asset that can be redeem for what you need.

Your time will always be refilled everyday and there will be more of it but what you are doing with your time will determine what you will get in life.

Combining the two gifts

If you understand both context then think of what you can achieve if you truly combine both your mind and time together on something.

It will be relatively hard for you not to achieve that thing because with time, there is nothing that is impossible.

Though not all thing can be achieved because there are certain situations that is beyond our control but at that, you can go beyond the walls to reach your goals that seems unachievable.

Till I cross your path again, I am like a ready made pen in the hand of the creator. I am


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2 years ago


I like the point you raised about life not giving us what we deserve but what we deserve. That is very true bro.

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2 years ago