Power of the mind.

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Are you among the 5%?

This morning while reading a book titled, "Towards mental exploits", I came across a report of a particular research about mind and thinking.

A very startling study reveals that only 5% of the human populace think! Fifteen percent think they re thinking, while the remaining 80% would rather die than think.

It is very funny to know that out of the entire population, only 5% of it are actually thinking. At some point, I started asking if I am part of those that are thinking or among those that think they are thinking.

To know whether you are thinking or thinking you are thinking, how you think and the result of your thinking will determine where you belong.

The thinking process is referred to as meditation which engages the mind providing solution to a problem or to devise a new way of doing same task. It is the process of being creative, innovative about what you are doing.

Another process that is very similar to meditation is worry. Most times, when people sit down and look moody or they isolate themselves from others, we do take it as if they are thinking whereas they are worried over the problem.

Thinking begot solution so any meditation process that does not lead to any creativity or innovation towards solving a problem is just worry.

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Do you know what worry does?

It keeps you busy doing nothing.

As powerful as the mind is, there is nothing that occurs that will not pass through it but there are certain actions that is normal.

According to research conducted by A Russian researcher, we use less than 2% of our brain capability for our daily activities.

What if I can just use 5% more?

The truth is that there is no limit to how far the mind can be engaged but if it is not engaged, it will not function at its best.

How can I engage my mind optimally

Take cognizance of the information you take in.

The kind of information that you feed your mind is the extent to which it will be able to produce result. If your mind is limited to taking certain information, you will notice that over time, you will become more knowledgeable in that area.

Read more books

Reading books give you access to the mind of great writers from around the world. Reading broaden your mind and engages your mind to mediate in what you learn.


Teaching is another way to engage your mind positively, it is a way of connecting your mind with others through constructed passing of information to others. During teaching, the human mind is highly ready to receive question and analyse it.

The whole process of teaching requires the mind to stay active so teaching helps you to use your mind optimally.

It has been discovered that if you have issue learning something, teach it.


Success is a game of the mind. If your mind is absent, you will lose the game.

Don't be among the 95%, engage your mind today.

Till I cross your path again, I am like a ready made pen in the hand of the creator. I am


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In the process of teaching, learning gets better

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Absolutely. Teaching is a means of learning.

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