Why should I live at the mercy of man

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1 year ago

I use to wonder why some men will say once I give her some little cash I will be able to get to her as quickly as possible, well now I don’t blame them because some women or ladies out there are actually vulnerable and they leave at the mercy of men which is not so good because as a lady you can achieve a lot of things without the help of a man. I see women who are the breed-winners of there family, I see women who can actually take care of themselves and their children without there husbands. As a lady learn to leave at the mercy of yourself men will be proud of you and you will be proud of yourselves.

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Nice one 👌. Let your article consist of at least 600words just as @HappyBoy wrote because it will give your article a strong wave on read.cash

You are welcome...

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1 year ago

Women are already changing the narratives. We now have women doing great in different fields and many women are the bread winner of their family.

Welcome to readcash Abialab, it's great to have you here. I love your article, however, it will even be better if you make your articles longer. At least 600 words is nice. It will help in gathering more views for you and also earn more. Also, try to reference the pictures you use in your article. The site has Zero tolerance for Plagiarism.

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