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Mental health

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Mental illness is reported to be the leading cause of ill health and disability worldwide, with serious impacts on people of all ages, from children to older adults.

These include psychological well-being, the ability to carry out daily activities, relationships with family and friends, and participation in the workplace or educational settings.

Mental health is a very serious issue. We should never make a joke out of it. Many may not talk about it, but people do have mental health issues. There are many reasons why people may suffer from these disorders.

And we should be aware that people around us - family, friends and colleagues - may also be going through a tough time by showing that you care about them is a very big step towards helping them with their problem in life.

Suicide is the second leading cause of death for children ages 10 to 14 years and the third leading cause for ages 15 to 24 years

Unfortunately, many still see getting help as a sign of weakness. It's time to change this stigma associated with mental health disorders and start seeing it for what it really is - a disease. A disease that needs treatment, but one that can be managed.

In addition to the serious impact that mental health disorders have on our society and economy, it's also one of the least researched diseases in the world.

Because many don't want to talk about this topic, they sometimes use statistics or facts and figures to get people's attention.

One of the most common anxiety disorders is social anxiety, which can affect people in many different ways. I am going to talk about how social anxiety affects relationships in this article since it is a common problem for many people.

The symptoms of social anxiety are:

  • Feeling anxious about meeting new people.

  • Always feeling like you want to leave the party or event early.

  • Being afraid to talk to strangers or striking up conversations with people you don't know very well.

A recent survey form I helped someone to fill, in it, I found that 44% of people living with a mental health condition felt it was hard to fit in socially.

Living with a mental health condition shouldn't mean that you're excluded from life and from the people you love. It should be possible to get support and still keep up with the things you enjoy.

One's mental health matters a lot, but it is one of these things that people sometimes forget to take care. However, it is important to know that mental health is an indispensable part of our health and without a healthy mental state life will be impossible.

Fact: 8 out of 10 people suffer from mental disorders or diseases at some stage in their lifetime.

Mental disorders are one of the most common causes of disability worldwide among all ages, and are predicted to become the leading cause of disease worldwide in high-income countries by 2030.

Look around and think about how many people you know who are depressed or anxious.

Maybe you are one yourself. Maybe you know someone who is thinking about committing suicide or has already tried.

You can't always tell who has a mental illness just by looking at them or talking with them for a few minutes. But you can find out more about mental health and help them understand they aren't alone.

Talking about mental health, it's often with a negative connotation. Mental health is a touchy subject that no one wants to talk about.

The stigma around mental health leads many people to stay in the dark. However, most people can agree that mental health is something they want to be better at.

The great news is that you can make positive moves toward mental wellness by doing just a few simple things. If you're serious about improving your mental health, being more aware of what's going on inside your brain is a great first step.

Here are 8 ways to begin improving your mental health:

1.  Eat Healthier

2. Get Organized

3. De-clutter Your Space

4. Meditate

5. Exercise Regularly

6. Have Meaningful Conversations

7. Adjust Your Sleep Schedule.

8. Seek a mental health practitioner.

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This is a good reminder to us. Mental health issue is oftentimes happened to those who are frustrated and depressed. Thanks for this very informative article.

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