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2 months ago

Happiness sometimes can be uncontrollable, especially when it comes with an unexpected event.

Tears of joy came rolling down out of her mother's eyes. It's an uncontrollable one.

She is a 16 year old girl who came from a poor background. Danielle's died when she was 10 years old. So the mother has been the one taking care of her since then. Things were not easy for the mother and her daughter. She was a jack of all trades, there is no product she hadn't tried to sell. But when she starts the business, there won't be enough fund to promote the business. She would take out of the little consumable goods she sells and cook for herself and her daughter. The little she earns, she would do extra cleaning job to make more money.

What will she use the money for?

She would take it to her daughter's school to pay for her school fees. We all know how difficult things are for an average single mother to provide for her family in Africa. She did all these believing one day her little girl will become someone Great in life.

She invested in the future.

Little by little Danielle is growing and becoming a lady. She listened to all the advices are mother gave her. She is a brilliant and God fearing girl. She knew how her mother is trying her best to sponsor her education, so she didn't let her down.

She finished her secondary school and got admitted into higher institution. Things were more difficult at this time. The daughter willing told her mother to allow her hawk the bread she sells. She began to sell bread from streets to streets. Glory be to God they made enough money to pay for her institution fee.

This went on the same way, till she finished her four (4) years of studying Mathematics in the University. She came home a graduate with good grade. Her mother was happy and proud of her. She decided to take on a teaching job as a Mathematics teacher in a private school owned by a rich man. She was liked by all the students' parents and school authorities. They increased her salary, because more student joined the school when they heard the news of how she has changed the life of students.

She told her mother about the increase in her salary. She flooded her mother's shop with goods. Her mother with joy prayed for her prosperity.

Unexpected miracle

The owner of the school Mr John got impressed and said this is a great talent, the world needs to know about her. Mr John called her into his office. The following was the conversation between them;

  • Mr John: Hi Danielle, I'd like you to come and teach in my school in England.

  • Danielle: (She was shocked and didn't know what to say) Thank you sir, but I'll have to inform my mother first.

  • Mr John: No problem, just get back to me tomorrow. I'll get you a visa and an apartment will be provide for you over there. We will be going this weekend.

  • Danielle: (Happily) Thank you sir!!

When the school closed, she went home hurriedly to break the news to her mother.

When her mother heard this she bursted into tears. You know the kind of joy and happiness that comes into your heart when thing are changing to good. She was very proud of Danielle. Danielle told her Mr John will provide an apartment and also get her visa. Her mother smiled and said " God bless Mr John".

The following day she went to school and told Mr John she accepted the proposal. He got her a visa and by weekend they left for England

Three (3) days after she had gone, she wrote to her mother

Dear mother,

We landed safely. I'm in my private apartment. Thanks for all you did in my life, thanks for your care and love, I am very grateful.

I will be resuming at the school tomorrow, it's a very big and popular school. Before this letter gets to you, I would have sent you 500 thousand naira.

Don't miss me too much. I will write to you every week.

Thanks for all you do

I love you !!!.

She smiled and began to dance without sound. That is what happens when you have excess Joy.

Thanks for reading ❤️🙏

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Written by   142
2 months ago
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The mother was really smart enough to invest in the future of her daughter. She was thinking of their long term survival

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2 months ago

Exactly, she did all she could, to get her daughter to where she is. Thanks for the contribution

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2 months ago

Such an emotional story🥰

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2 months ago