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Tips and tricks for Cryptocurrency trading

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2 months ago

Good evening!

My two months on this platform are almost completed. As you know, today was 1 November so I wanted to make this month productive by writing a good article with a lot of knowledge.

I wanna clear one thing is that whenever I wrote articles that were almost me. That was a good thing but I was thinking of changing or moving forward to come here with new information.

So I was thinking about what I had to write? How I can raise my voice so that I can help others. The hot topic in my mind was Cryptocurrency. No doubt in the next few years most countries will adopt it as Pakistan is doing soon.

So this is our future and I have been attached to the crypto world for a long time. Daily, I read and listen about the Cryptocurrency market and what is happening there.

A few days ago I started my journey on Binance. So I got enough knowledge and experience. I got loss too but I wanna share with you every possible way to get more profit and avoid mistakes.

First, you have to know about the Cryptocurrency you want to trade.

According to me, without reading and researching desired Cryptocurrency you are nothing and most probably you would get lost. First of all, you have a full idea about Cryptocurrency and its background knowledge. What are its ranking in the Cryptocurrency table and market capitalization? It's making a height and minimum drop. Origin and its securities.

For the last few days, I have been waiting for a signal. Here in Pakistan, we have a Facebook group. They charge a fee to join it. After getting entry into that group there is a team who tells us about specific Coins to buy or sell.

So for goodness sake honestly speaking I am telling you about just sake of humanity without greed. The only reason to share signals and knowledge here is that, where exactly I am because I read cash. First I joined nice cash. Before this journey I had no idea about Cryptocurrency.

Especially, thanks to this platform to get better information and instructions with Cryptocurrency holders. Everyone is doing his/her Amazing job. Some here share their life experiences, depression, anxiously some are so happy and some are like me to share good information without the sake of greed. No doubt this platform pays everyone according to their needs.

So here are a few coins I wanna share with you guys if you wanna earn enough profit in future. Believe you would get profit because this information is based on complete research and then they share it with us. So you are lucky to get this information free of cost. So don't consider it useless.

Cardano (ADA)

Price: £148.47

Rank in the Cryptocurrency market at no.5

Full secure.

Blockchain-based coin

The good background has a good market cap.


Price: £81.46

Rank in the Cryptocurrency market at no.7

Its price has not increased from the past few months as it has to increase. Still, its price is affordable if you wanna buy it then do it. insha'Allah in future you would earn a profit.

It also has a good background.


Price: £1.84

Rank in the Cryptocurrency market at no.20

It is an ecosystem-based Coin. It has a good ecosystem. You can earn enough profit in the coming days. According to researchers, it would fluctuate.

The good background has a good market cap.


Price: £9.93

Rank in the Cryptocurrency market at no.24

If you wanna buy it then you have to hold it for a long time. In the future, it would give good profit but you have to hold it for a long time.

Cosmos (ATOM)

Price: 2847.05

Rank in the Cryptocurrency market at no.25

It is also an ecosystem base coin.

It has a good background and Market Cap.

It has a high price to buy it but if you are holding it then the good news is that you are gonna make a good profit indeed.


So there were few signals. I paid for them but shared them with you guys because of thereachh family. These all coins have good ranking and background. They are good coins.

Profit is good but the loss is negligible. But I can't guarantee you but believe me, their signals never go wrong or in the loss. I earned enough from these signals. So this is up to you and yes luck matters most in the Cryptocurrency world. So best of luck.

Looking forward....!

If you consider it or make sense that this is a good article then never forget to appreciate me. Your warm comments and cheering words urge me to write more productive articles Especially @TheRandomRewarder

Have good dreams.

Ask queries here...!

If you have queries regarding this article you can ask in the comments section and also contact me on Twitter. All the best. Thanks for everything in advance.

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Written by   38
2 months ago
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I am already thinking of buying ADA too cos I can see it's bright future in the market, thanks for sharing this.

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2 months ago

Most welcome mate. Yes it would boost up. Wait for exact time. Thanks for your kind visits wish you best of luck. :)

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2 months ago

You have really done well by being humane to help other people here. You paid for the signal but you are sharing it free here. May God bless you. I really appreciate your Sponsorship to me. Thank you so much

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2 months ago

Most times I do get lost when dealing with cryptocurrency make because I haven't done more research

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2 months ago

Than do it mate. Soon you would get everything.

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2 months ago

Great job buddy. It would be helpful for many new users who are looking gor good projects. Your mentioned all projects are amazing. Don’t worry soon, rusty will again visit you.

$ 0.00
2 months ago

Thanks mate ☺️ yes looking forward to start new journey here with new zeal. insha'Allah he would visit and thanks for your words 🤗

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2 months ago

Hey, Happy New Month, Aasii! Welcome to November; I hope you have a fantastic month! I love your new writing on crypto, and I think you should do it more often, and don't worry too much about Rusty. You can engage more on other's article, maybe he will come then

$ 0.00
2 months ago

Okay dear first of all thank you so much mate. I am glad that you visited my article and appreciated me. Yes, if i would write good definitely he would come to my articles. Thanks again for you warm words. Nice to meet you 🤗

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2 months ago