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Life is not roses bed

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4 months ago

Aslam o alikum!

Well well well…!

Good evening ladies and gentlemen. First, I am grateful to you for your attention and precious time.

I do not have superficial qualities. I am just an ordinary boy, who works with smart strategy. My name is Aasi. I am from Punjab, Pakistan. Basically, I am Punjabi(who lives in Punjab). I am 21 years old. My skin color is brown, white. My height is about 5.6 inches.

I am a university level student currently taking a course in medical biotechnology.

Overwise on my early life

I opened my eyes to the 20th century. Furthermore, I was born on 26 February 2000. Besides, I am the youngest one in my family, therefore I got much attention, love and care from my parents and siblings. When I was little, my siblings used to tell me I was so naughty and started walking so Early.

My sister used to tell me once that they were making popcorn at home and within no time I touched the hot pan. They got enough insults from mom. Still, I have that scar on my leg.

When I was 3 years old, my mom went to deathbed. After a few days of illness, she passed away and left us alone. Then my care and responsibility came to my big sister's hand. Literally, I got much affection and care from my whole family. After that, my father decided not to marry again.

My relatives and Uncle party used to say forget it and chill brother you can marry again. But I love my dad. He decided to live with us and said I don't need to marry again. I have beautiful children, and I am happy with them. That tenure of life was tough for my siblings and I had no sense because I was 3 years old, but later when I grew up I saw and faced everything.

Me at 3 year old

Early education

I got my early education from a local primary school. I used to go with my big brother. It was a fantastic period of life.

I was a brilliant student. I crossed my cousin, they were in upper grade, but unfortunately he failed two times and I crossed them. They were older than me, but Alhamdulillah I am still in the lead.

I have had a passion for art and painting since my childhood. That's why I can sketch easily. Once I made art and got 10 rupees from my master. He also told my father that I am paying extra attention to your child. He is brilliant and told me about my art.

Last time i sketched this picture randomly

High school education

I got high school education from a private school from 6th to 10th grade. I was that student who got 1,2,3rd position in class. So from 6 to 8 class I got education under a female teacher. She was a fan of my handwriting. Imagine at 8 class I completed a task for my teacher. Like she had to write exercises for Alma Iqbal open university for her master degree, then she said to me to help her because I had fine writing and Alhamdulillah still has.

I faced so many hurdles and difficulties because now I had the sense to see things deeply. Believe me, lack of mother love, you would miss every step of your life.

College life

I completed my postgraduate education from a high level private school named Punjab group of college, Jhang. I got bad marks and then again I appeared in exams next year and I got enough marks to get admission in medical university.

College tenure was Fabulous and unforgettable. First time I stayed in hostel, and we did every stupid thing. Sometimes we used to tease neighbors by ringing their doorbells. Every weekend we used to go for outings, and we tried every restaurant in Jhang.

Once the police came to our apartment just to search whether we were taking drugs etc. This was propaganda of the neighbor to expel us from their society, lol.

By luck, none of us are addicted to drugs or weeds. Yes, we used to puffing cigarettes and still we do.

Unfortunately, when I was busy with practical Exams, my dad passed away. They had serious disease, but its diagnosis was difficult. We checked him up from different doctors, but no one was able to identify the real cause of illness. This was a great loss for me again. But now I am mentally and emotionally strong and face all hurdles patiently. Alhamdulillah we are still a happy family and happy with siblings.

University life

Finally, we separated, and I got admission in medical university. Luckily, I got the same company of fellows. Now I have 5 roommates, we all are bestie and do stupid action together.

To cry at midnight just to tease hostel Warden. Come to the hostel so late just to examine the hostel Warden.

Our hostel Warden don't compromise with us, so we always give new headaches on a daily basis. Last time we switched off all electricity and the hostel looked like dark hell and meanwhile we started crying loudly.

My university friends

I want to tell you guys I am Smart, or Maybe you consider me foolish. I prepared for exams in the last 15 days and always got very good marks. My ranking in class is in the top 10. That is why I was selected in research for the 2021 list. Every year they select the top 15 students for high research.

My project is going on microalgae. We are going to serve humanity. We would make microalgae filter paper which filters water more effectively and microalgae would absorb nutrients which help us to grow microalgae to make biomass. Then we would use microalgae biomass to produce biodiesel.

My likes

  • Sometimes I am tired of the mob and love to live alone. That makes me strong and peaceful.

  • I am a keen pet. I have a dog. Furthermore, I love horses and I like to ride. Besides, I am keen on badminton.

  • Moreover, I like fast food, especially pizza. I like to interact with new people.

  • Furthermore, I would like you to help and try to forget my good deeds. If I counted, this would make me proud, and this is toxic.

  • I don't care about what people think about me.

  • I don't follow people blindly. Furthermore, I have my own rules and regulations in my life.

My dislikes

  • I hate diplomatic people.

  • Furthermore, I hate everything which is interconnected with negativity.

  • A lot more, but I can't express everything right now.

My future goals

After interning into the cryptocurrency world, I am seriously thinking of investing a huge amount of money. I already talked with my family, and they said we would look for it. I don't think they would refuse me.

My favorite cryptocurrency BCH

If my research paper is luckily accepted and published, then I would apply for an abroad scholarship. I want to do my masters from Germany or Japan. I would further increase my research work. Furthermore, I want to supply good drinking water to whole world by discovering microalgae filters

Growing microalgae (under microscope)

If I didn't get a foreign scholarship, I would do my masters in forensic sciences. This is a field about investigating criminals, and I have the quality to investigate things. If I have to find a clue, I can easily point it out. Then I would apply for a government job in the police or army as an officer.


Believe me, we can achieve goals easily, we just need Uninterrupted mind set. Whatever you are passing through circumstances, life always gives you one chance. Always try to achieve on your first try.

Don't think about people always following you if you are the right way. You should have your own rules of life. Always think Positive and stay positive. No one can defeat your opinion and believe.

Do everything at the right time and place. You would never fail. I faced a tough life.

Give importance to people in your lives, automatically you would gain your name and respect in society. Listen to their problems and help them if possible.

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Epically thanks to my first sponsor @Ling01

Thanks for reading and if you enjoyed it then hit like button. Stay safe!

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Written by   38
4 months ago
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It's sad that you've been separated to your mother at that young age. But I can totally say, base on what you said, that you father is really sweet. Keep on being brilliant and smart! Study hard and stay positive in life❤️

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4 months ago

Thanks you so much for your kind words. Yeah i am thankful to my dad always and my siblings for supporting me from beginning. Sure and yes i am studying hard 😊

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4 months ago

You are living your life amazingly, I'm sad about your parents but for sure they are in the right hand now. You can gain more achievements, GOD Bless you! The sponsor's block make me laugh, seems like Lucifer01 is looking at me. Lol!

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4 months ago

Life is not a journey where the path is decorated with roses there are throns too. And only seeking gains and gains won't work with life too, there will be some losses too.

Best of luck for your future, my friend.

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4 months ago

Thanks you so much dear i completely agree with you.

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4 months ago

I'm sorry to know about your mother. May her soul rest in peace. I love your honesty. So politely you described your story. Hats off dear. Oh, i must say, you random last sketch looks like Rashmika Mandana. Hahaha... My guess. Tussi chill karo ji.

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4 months ago

Hhaha nhi woh nhi h she was Philippines actress but i made her churhail lol. Ameem thanks dear

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4 months ago


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4 months ago