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Interesting facts: He tracked eagle by GPS device.

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3 months ago
Date: Sunday, 17 October
Written by: Nadeem Aasi

Greetings dear readers!

Out of the world's 195 countries, 12 countries have the eagle as their national bird.

Advancement and recent technologies have provided us with a lot of shocking and amazing information. Like about eagles' way of living and flying, there is a lot of information on the internet and have been written.

But this incident is a question mark on all their information. It forces us to think deeply about this beautiful and powerful bird.

Fahad kash belongs to Saudi Arabia, was so tired from his daily routine life. He was thinking about making a real adventure. So, in the next five minutes, he was going to obscure Aljazan near his city.

Jazan desert

He wasn't aware that this routine walk would be different. He had no idea fate was waiting for him and he was going to discover shocking facts. He was walking and jumping over one rock to another suddenly, he saw a black basal laying in a gorge.

He was curious about this obscure and black desert. O living animals because of lack of food so what is this?

He failed in front of his curiosity. He decided to see it. He came down in a gorge. A few minutes ago he was enjoying this place but now he was in a gorge. When he reached there he saw a dead eagle. So he gets disappointed to see a dead eagle. Meanwhile, he observed that there were no scars and wounds on his body. He accepted that the eagle died by its natural death.

Dead eagle with GPS device

When he was returning suddenly, he saw a Device was attached to his body. He knows that an eagle does not need it so it would be something interesting. He pulled out the device from the eagle's body and observed it. There was a device owner message that if you find it please return it. There was a Gmail mentioned on the screen and owner address too.

So Fahda got curious as to why he attached this device to an eagle. Now he needs to find answers to canny queries. He needs to access his laptop to find all his questions. Within no time he was returning to his apartment. He opened the device and attached it to his laptop.

Now he got shocking information about eagles power and intelligence. This was a GPS tracking device. Its owner put this device on an eagle a few years ago. This device had records of all ways from where eagle fly routes.

This eagle Traveled from north to south many times and this device was recording him all flight routes. This eagle flies over many countries ( Russia, golf countries, central Asian countries, Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, subcontinent Africa, Iran and Pakistan).

Eagle traveling track

Shockingly, the eagle fly routes are all far from seawater. He never flies overseas. It was flying over land. Fahad Kash knows that eagles are very intelligent birds. Here is something interesting. He searched on Google and came to know that…!

Eagles fly over land because they need hot air pressure to fly over maximum height. Air pressure is upwards so they fly at maximum height. At maximum height they don't need enough power to fly; they can fly easily and smoothly. So they can travel thousands of miles in a few days.

Eagle Don't fly over seawater. Because when they have to travel long distances they avoid flying over seawater. Seawater airflow is downwards. So, they need more power and energy to fly. They can't fly much and can die.

This bird travels 356 km(kilometres) daily. It is so difficult for humans to travel 355 km in one day. These birds because of their good strategy and intelligence can travel and finish their distance in few days

An east poet Dr Muhammad Illama Iqbal wisely said that.

You are an eagle your work is to discover new skies and fly over clouds.

After that Fahd returned GPS devices to its owner. On the provided address.


This whole article is based on a true incident. I am sharing facts. You can ask queries regarding it in the comments section. All rights are reserved.

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Written by   38
3 months ago
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So interesting. I was "wow!" when I saw it's traveling track, imagine how amazing the eagle is.

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3 months ago

Yeah indeed the are Very powerful and beautiful too

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3 months ago