Hard Work, or Fate, All Are Man's Creation.

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Hard work, is the ability of habitually putting one's effort into a specific course for the accomplishment of that goal, on focus. It is the means through which result are mostly being yielded.

Fate, is the unfolding of an event outside one's control, and mostly perceived as a predetermined outcome from a supernatural power.

Many occurrences have been term to be from hard work, while some have been seen as fate.

Interestingly, some people rate such on percentage of 60% to hard word, while 40% goes to fate, and some, the other way round. However, with such said, I believe they rated it that manner due to the result of how well they perceived, and understand the happenings of life.

In this case, I will say it is more of our hands, that which we created for ourselves, consciously, or unconsciously. I use the word consciously, or unconsciously, because some people create that which they encountered over the moment without knowing, why some do. It may be via one's thought, words, actions, or reactions, and more importantly, via one's path(reincarnated steps), because life, is like a scale that have to be balanced, which, it does over time, and on that, may be within this present incarnation, or in that person's future incarnation, because nothing happened by chance, but to those who lack the knowledge of deeper mystery of life, may think it does occured by chance, which is not, whether that person knows it is not, or not, stops it not from taking it form over the moment, to balance the scale for things to flow smoothly, after it must have been balanced.

This is why it is highly important for one to be very conscious of his, or her thought, words, action, and reactions to issues, as they have deeper ripple effect to how well it further chart the cause of their life path, and encounters, over the moment "time", be it in this present life time, or in his, or her next incarnation.

For an example; Bitcoin being around $400 in price value, around 2016, and over the moment, rouse to hitting all time high of $69,000, sometime last year, is an indication of time, and when we look deeply into it, we will understand that there were factors that lead to it, like, more cryptocurrency adoption; which is, more awareness, and use cases to it, unlike 2016, when it was around $400, and the awareness wasn't this deep. It was the awareness over the moment that lead to it influence by the hard, and smart work being put into action, which was the awareness, that eventually lead to more people investing into it, and also it usage, which drove the price value upwardly.

On that, which may be term as "fate", but, it is not, rather, a product of one's architectural work via that which he, or she embraces, either consciously, or unconsciously, which have it consequences, and the consequences is never based on emotion, but rather, intention to the effect of it cause. For an example; a young man that have over the moment trained hard to become a footballer, but because of the nature of the kind of thought, and actions that dominated him, in relation to his approaches to his fellow human, being negative, attracted likes forces that compensated him, which resulted to an accident that lead to his leg being anputated, which eventually jeopardized his dream. To those who have known him to be a footballer, that have been training so hard over time to enable him achieve his dream, will see such incident as fate denying him, that dream, but in reality beyond one's comprehension, it wasn't fate, rather, the consequences of his actions, right from the nature of thought he nurtures, being negative, and over the moment, which attracted like forces that compensated him.

This is why it is highly important to always learn to be conscious of one's thought, as it does play a vital role on how well it influences one's action, and reaction to issues, and at such, attract like forces that does compensate such individual over the moment, as an effect to one's cause.

The principle of cause and effect, is not respecter of any individual, as it is a fixed law by mother nature.

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The development of this content was inspired by the content titled: Only Time (https://read.cash/@Tomi-Ajax/only-time-04a10e02) by Tomi-Ajax, a fellow content creator.


This written content, is the creative work of the writer's understanding about life, human nature, and life mystery, based on his observation, study, and experience, of life matter over the moment.It is not being presented as guide to hold on to, because we perceive life from different perspective, which influence our actions.

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