weird skills that famous actors learned for a role

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For the biggest and best actors and actresses in cinema, acting is not just reading a few lines of dialogue and performing appropriate emotional movements, but also convincing the audience that you belong to the world inside the film and that you are really the character in the film.

Talent may be enough just to get you there, but we've seen actors do other things like build muscle, lose fat, or speak in a completely different language and accent just to improve their performance. Give it more credibility.

One of the things that some actors do to play a role better is to learn a new skill, which in most cases is a basic and general skill; Like riding a horse, shooting or playing a musical instrument. However, some actors learn skills that are very unique and unusual, and learning them takes a lot of effort and time.

10. Tom Cruise and learn to hold your breath underwater for 6 minutes

Over the past decade, one of the main reasons for the appeal of Mission Impossible movies has been Tom Cruise's creative, insane, and sometimes very dangerous stunts; From climbing skyscrapers, flying by helicopter, jumping from a height with an umbrella to riding a motorcycle in the opposite direction of traffic. The Hollywood star did all sorts of stunts, but one of the strangest and most overlooked skills Tom Cruise learned during his years in the franchise was playing in the fifth installment of the franchise, Rogue Nation. For the long underwater sequence in the middle of the film, Tom Cruise practiced with the champion and record holder of free diving to learn from him how not to breathe underwater. It took two months to prepare for the sequence, and although Cruz went to the brink of suffocation several times during rehearsals, he eventually developed such a skill through long rehearsals that he was able to hold his breath underwater for six minutes.

9- Sigourney Weaver and learning to communicate with gorillas

Sigourney Weaver is an actor best known for his blockbuster science fiction films such as Alien, Ghostbusters and Avatar, but apart from these fantastic films, Weaver starred in 1988 in a very small but emotional film called Gorillas In The Mist. He played a very difficult and challenging project. The story of the film is about a mountain gorilla expert named Diane Fossi, played by Weaver, a character that Weaver tried to portray in the most accurate and realistic way possible.

This meant that Weaver had to work with real gorillas and, most importantly, that he had to work with gorillas in several scenes, which led the Hollywood star to learn how to interact closely with these kind but very violent primates. So that they feel calm and safe in his presence. According to the New York Times, Weaver learned various body movements and gestures and screaming language like gorillas in order to portray Fossi's close and friendly relationship with his gorilla friends. In the end, Weaver's efforts were successful, the gorillas felt comfortable with her, and Weaver was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress.

8- Joseph Gordon-Levitt and learning to play

The Walk biographical drama tells the story of Philippe Petty, a famous French jailer and adventurer who traversed the distance between the Twin Towers in the United States in 1974 with a dangerous leash. Luckily for Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who plays Patti in the film, he did not have to portray the 400-meter-tall French jailer, but although digital effects were used to capture the height, The playfulness and balance seen in the film is completely real. In preparation for the role, Gordon-Levitt rehearsed with Philip Petty, the same person who played the role, and it was he who taught the movie star how to walk the wire. Patti set up a workshop to have enough time to practice with Levitt, and in disbelief, the actor was able to learn how to play in just eight days.

7- Michelle Pfeiffer and learning to use a whip

Fortunately, Michelle Pfeiffer did not have to learn some cat-specific tasks, such as licking her tail, to play the role of a cat in Tim Burton's 1992 film Batman Returns, but she committed to learning one of her character traits and skills. That was Selena Kyle's skill in using the whip. According to the film's gunsmith and Anthony de Longis, who was in charge of the film's martial arts and stunts, Pfeiffer practiced the use of the whip to such an extent that he became very skilled in this field and all the work done in the film by his character. It is done with a whip without the use of a stuntman and special effects and only by himself.

He was even so adept at this that he improvised some movements with a whip, and the director retained them in the final version of the film. To understand Pfeiffer's whipping skills, look at a sequence in the film in which he throws a whip around Christopher's neck and pulls him towards him. It is said that this actually happened in the same way without the need to enter other perceptions or take different perceptions.

6. John Krasinski and learning to run through a burning building

In recent years, John Krasinski's acting and directing career has soared. Five years ago, he was just the Jim of The Office, but now he is both a well-known filmmaker and an action star in 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers Of Benghazi and Jack Ryan, the idea that he only benefits from a role. It discredited comedy. But his transition from a comedy star to an action star was not easy. In particular, preparing Krasinski for the role in the action and war film 13 Hours was exhausting, and he spent endless hours in the gym transforming his physique into the physics of a special soldier.

In addition to achieving a good appearance, Krasinski said he had to learn a number of skills that would bring him closer to a true special soldier, such as learning how to use a gun, tactical training, and most importantly, learning how to run and Navigation inside a building that has caught fire. "We all received heavy weapons training with the Marine Corps," Krasinski said. "We learned how to shoot with different weapons and we learned how to find our way in rooms with lights on or off."

5- Jennifer Lawrence and learning to peel squirrels

Jennifer Lawrence had just left the teen age group to get her first Oscar nomination, and her role as Ray Dolly in Winter's Bone caught the attention of the Oscar judges. He plays his role in the film so naturally and without much effort that his character becomes very believable. One reason for this was that he was completely immersed in the world of the character in the story and was learning the skills that the character had. In an interview with Vanity Fair, the Hollywood star said that the strangest thing she learned to play in this role was to learn how to peel a squirrel. There is a sequence in Winter's Bone in which the character Dolly peels a squirrel with his bare hands and prepares it to feed his family. Lawrence says a friend of his brother taught him this, but it was so hard and painful for him that he broke down and cried after the sequence.

4. Daniel DeLouis and learning how to live like a real Indian

Strictly Acting Stories Daniel Lewis could have all 10 options on the list, from learning to speak Czech for The Unbearable Lightness Of Being to boxing for The Boxer. But DeLouis did not learn just one or two skills to star in the epic and historical film The Last Of The Mohicans, and learned a whole host of different skills. In this film, he plays a character named Hawkeye, a young Englishman who was raised by American Indians. DeLouis, who wanted to fully immerse himself in the role of an Indian, learned an Indian lifestyle that involved learning many skills. During his one-month stay in the jungle, the legendary actor learned how to build canoe boats, track and peel animals, fight axes, fire and refill wick guns. In fact, DeLouis was so engrossed in his role that he carried his gun with him everywhere, even at the Christmas dinner table.

3. Ruth Wilson and learning how to castrate sheep

While preparing to play a farmer in the 2017 drama Dark River, Ruth Wilson did what she had to do: She went to a farm and got started to get enough experience to be the main character in the film. But as you might expect, learning the duties of a farmer is not easy. During a month working on a farm in Yorkshire, Wilson, who initially had no skills in the field, learned many skills that brought him closer to his character in the film. These skills include picking fleece, cutting off extra venom, and of course castrating sheep. He found it very difficult to work with farm animals, but since his character had to be very professional in these areas, Wilson thought he should learn these skills by being on a real farm.

2- Jim Carrey and learning to endure torture

In appearance, The Grinch is a very funny and simple family comedy about Christmas, and one can hardly expect it to have something stressful and nightmarish hidden in it. Jim Carrey, who plays the miserly and grumpy Grinch in this film, had multi-layered and very exhausting make-up, which made him sit on the make-up chair for hours or even a whole day. It may not seem like a pleasant experience, but perhaps more surprisingly, it was more frightening than you might think. In a 2014 interview, Kerry revealed that his full make-up for the Grinch character lasted more than eight and a half hours, and that he had to endure this torturous experience over and over again.

So Brian Glaser, the film's producer, came up with a different and weird solution for him: An expert was brought to the set to teach Jim Carrey how to resist torture. These exercises and trainings enabled Kerry to sit on the make-up chair for hours and days in a row, which ultimately led to a successful result and became one of Jim Carrey's best acting roles.

1. John David Washington and learning to do the opposite

Tenet, Christopher Nolan's latest spy trailer, is arguably his most complex film to date, a subject that takes on a different meaning when it comes to the maker of Memento, Inception, and Interstellar. Many of the scenes in Tenet contain "inverted" characters that go back in time, and since Nolan likes to do everything in the best and most accurate way possible, the actors in his film had to learn to move in the opposite direction, and so on. He was able to film his film sequences in the most natural and believable way possible.

John David Washington, who plays the lead role in the film, said in an interview that he had to learn to "blink, walk, talk, fight, run and defend" and even punch in the opposite direction. And that means fighting and suppressing his instincts to forget the normal style of movement and behavior. That's why the visual aspect of Nolan's new film is the most incredible and bizarre thing this filmmaker has ever done. Watching characters move in the opposite direction and move in the opposite direction is an incredible experience, and one of the reasons these images look real is that no special effects were used as much as possible, and the actors had learned this style of movement.


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