How to say no politely and professionally?

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There are different ways to help us politely reject a request.


There are many people who still answer yes immediately when someone asks them for help, and with a little research in their minds we can see that this is part of their personality and therefore makes them take a lot of responsibility.

There are so many books on how to say no to what we have been asked to do.

Many of us have grown up thinking that we should always help others and not say no to others whenever possible, and in addition, many of us have been taught that we must take on many responsibilities to advance our careers.

You have to work hard to be the best in your profession, and that is somewhat true, but sometimes we take on so much responsibility that we can no longer do what we can.

However, in the following, you will become familiar with the ways in which you can say no politely and professionally.

Why is it not always good to answer in the affirmative?

There is a very common term for most people that says yes to everyone and everything, and that is to satisfy people. Of course, it is not bad to help someone if you ask us, and when a problem arises, say yes to the people for whom the problem arises, but also consider yourself and your life.

In short, when you are always available and say no to others, you realize that you are living your life for others, not for yourself, because saying yes to everyone over and over again can lead to some bad and problematic issues in the long run. .

The key to politely and professionally saying no is to set the word 'no' to different behaviors and methods. Therefore, you should not just stare at someone unpleasantly and then moan, "I can not!"

There are many ways to say no to different people that you interact with in a way that suits you, and that means being polite and respectful to the other person. Here are some things to look for when selecting yours.

Saying no to the boss

Saying no to the boss of a group can be scary, and unless you enjoy having breakfast, lunch, and dinner at your desk, sometimes you get to the point where you have to thank your boss and say no.

You want to draw a picture for your boss that you are proud of the extra work you are doing, but other priorities are not possible right now. You can tell your boss something along the following lines:

"Thank you so much for thinking of me for this project, and for now I plan to spend this week / month on projects X, Y and Z." "As I recall, these had higher priorities."

"Thank you so much for coming to me for this. I am currently working on Project X and Y with all my might. "Would you rather give it up and spend my time on this new project instead?"

Saying no to colleagues

I like to help my colleagues and I appreciate their help from time to time. However, sometimes I am not able to work with them due to the amount of work I currently have. In this case, you want to keep it very close to reality or make it a reality whenever possible.

"This is a very exciting initiative to raise, you have to focus! Thank you for helping me explore various topics. "Really, this is not what I consider a power zone for myself, I am probably slowing down and our other colleagues are very good at this, and you might as well ask them."

"You know, I usually like to do this kind of thing, and I'm really grateful that you helped me with the design. "Unfortunately, this is not a good time to do that, but the boss is forcing us to work on an ELT presentation next week."

Not telling customers

Saying no to a customer can be difficult. After all, they are the ones who pay you, and the key here is to make sure your customer feels heard and understood, and share with them when you have fully listened to them. How to approach this issue from another angle.

"You know, I'm quite right about what you're saying, and I can no longer agree with that. "I thought that when we highlight the positive results in the XYZ lineup, we can eliminate the age range of 36-45 years."

"Thank you for raising this issue to make sure we take care of it, and this is great, and a member of the team has addressed it, and for now, I'll ask him for his opinion. "Share what he discovered in our meeting on Thursday."

Saying no in personal life

With people in your personal life, it is best to say no and give reasons. Maybe you have already planned something else. Of course, you want to respect people's feelings, but with closer and more personal relationships, you better be honest about why you say no.

One of my rules that helps me stay on track is that I do not always say yes to anyone, as long as that person does the main work, and besides, the person asking for help in life must be someone. Whose value is high.

You can use phrases like "I can help you do this, but I've already planned other things" to politely say no in your personal life.


With a little luck, you can say that you have learned how to say no to someone politely and professionally. It is great to help others from time to time, and better yet, it is good to be able to count on someone when needed and others to count on you, and this helps us to feel that we are with others and with a larger part of We are in touch.

Unfortunately, it is very easy to say yes to many requests for help and this can lead to discomfort and burnout.

When someone asks you for help, consider the moment whether it is something you really want, do and can do, or it is better to say no politely and professionally and do not be afraid to say no and do not worry about it because the character And each person's life is different.


Hope it be useful 🤗

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