Let's not leave our dreams for later! Now is the perfect time!

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I get up in the morning and try to do my daily routine, but, something is wrong with me, I feel I don't have the same strength and desire to face a new day! Maybe it's that flu that I caught somewhere and that, thank God, lasted very little, or maybe it was the diagnosis of a new hernia - this time umbilical - and I must say that this information, honestly, left me sad to think that now I have to restructure all my weight training, something that I was enjoying so much! Or that in this country everything is chaos and everything goes up, except the income that one can achieve with daily effort!

In short, if I start to take into account the things that may be affecting me physically, emotionally, economically... Perhaps, the balance goes to the less positive side which could lead me to stay tied to those feelings of uncertainty and sadness that in negative situations take hold of us.

When that happens inevitably one begins as a kind of setback and everything we had advanced up to that moment seems to collapse, little by little, before our eyes. We stand there watching everything we have worked for being diluted, but we don't feel like avoiding these huge losses. It's as if nothing matters to us! But, deep down we are aware of what we are losing and that is why it is more painful that lack or reluctance to do nothing to avoid it.

Today I decided to resume my daily routine and do all the wonderful exercises that have helped me so much to channel my energies and feel full of strength to face the day to day. Especially in a country like mine where everything is uphill and you have no choice but to go ahead and do your best not to get stuck halfway.

We Venezuelans have sadly learned what it is like to be stranded on the road, because there are already so many stories of thousands and thousands of lives lost in an unprecedented exodus, as well as millions of lives beaten and imprisoned in what unfortunately remains of our country!

Today I woke up with the desire to say yes to life and to everything it brings me!...and it is here where I believe that we must be aware that life is not a path of roses, or maybe it is, but those roses bring their thorns!

Definitely, not everything is going to be good or bad, there is always going to be a little bit of everything, even if it's just a teaspoon of everything we are going to taste in this life!

So if, like me, you are going through a bad moment right now, I invite you to play a kind of mental game in which we see ourselves as that child we once were, and that right now we are going to receive that spoonful of that remedy we hated so much for its horrible taste and that we were forced to take for our own good!

Everything in life has a why!... Good and bad things have a why in our lives! We just don't know how to solve that riddle! Many manage to intelligently, little by little, to put together those clues that appear in every situation, moment, event, fact, instant... that are part of the puzzle that is our life!

Today I woke up with the desire to write and share this brief reflection and, how good that I can do it here where I have found in many of the writings I have read very valuable people with a wonderful accumulation of experiences that kindly let fly through this ethereal online way in which we can all converge and magically, in some way or another, embrace each other in the difficulties Yes, embrace each other in the difficulties beyond the barriers that each one can experience from that physical space where we live!

I am writing this not only because I am experiencing that unpleasant feeling that things are not going so well in my life right now, or at least not the way I want them to! I must say that I have also felt the need to express myself in this way because I feel that things around here are a little discouraged, that's my impression!

I should clarify that my experience in Read-Cash is very recent, I haven't been here long, just a little more than three months, but I feel that when I arrived -I think at the end of April- there was a very fast pace in terms of content production. Something that now I don't see happening in the same way, especially in terms of content in Spanish!

In fact, I have to say that I myself have stopped writing on Mondays, which was the day I had proposed to produce content here. Obviously, this is a product of what I have already told you at the beginning of this article and that has been the driving force to write these lines again and share them with the rest of the Read-Cash users.

I end this reflection by reminding you that many of us have dreams to fulfill and that, in one way or another, this platform has helped a large part of those who live here to climb, little by little, that steep slope that leads them straight to that great dream!

Here I have read life stories that attest to the achievements of many of those who in Read-Cash, through their writings have been able to help their families financially! Many, teenagers, who have left me shocked by their sobering stories helping their mothers, fathers, brothers ... Really beautiful!

I also know that this platform has served many to find a place where they feel free to express themselves and can explore all the richness that is in them and then share it with those who, little by little, have been transformed into their unconditional followers, companions and already friends!

Finally, I just tell you that the vast majority of people always leave our dreams for the day when everything will be perfect to be able to realize them! The problem is that thanks to our fears and insecurities that day will never really come and, unfortunately, we have no real awareness that time passes and that our stay here in this world is not infinite.

The truth is that sooner or later we are going to die and when that happens - and none of us know when it will happen - our dreams will disappear and so will we!

So the sad thing is that we will never know what would have happened if instead of letting the opportunity pass us by thanks to fears and insecurities we would have launched ourselves against all odds to fight for our dreams, in spite of all those difficulties that tell us that it is not the right time because everything around us is a case and the balance goes more towards the negative than the positive!

That's why friends and dear readers let's leave our dreams for later in that hypothetical moment when all is well with us and around us! The perfect time is now!

Dear readers I hope with all my heart that in some way or another this writing has been of some benefit to you! And I would like you to leave me in the comments your impressions regarding the current Read-Cash situation, and the behavior of the users! Are you of the same opinion regarding the little movement that is being seen in the network, especially in the Spanish-speaking community? You feel, like me, that there is a kind of collective discouragement!


For the moment I say goodbye, but not before telling you that here I will be writing articles about wellness, physical, mental and spiritual health, and all those topics that can help us to fall in love every day more of these avatars🕴👯that we had to be in this Matrix 👾 🤖 so fun and unique in which we live!

Greetings to all, an online hug from Venezuela🙂✌️🇻🇪 !

...and remember first of all just love yourself!


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