Who Is The Real You on Earth?

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Identification of a person is so important in our real world as well as in the social media world. Without it we couldn't have access to where we need to have our legitimate transactions to be made.

Identification Through Documents

Birth Certificate

This is the first and foremost important of all documents for our identification. It must be registered to the municipality wherein we were born to be valid.

In this document, the detailed information of our being is declared: our name, gender, father's name (last, middle, first name) mother's name ( maiden name ; last, middle, first name) (if legally married or not), date of birth, place of birth and other details .

All the detailed informations declared are all important, for it is our own identification , that will differentiate us from any other . Because of it's importance the declaration must be all correct, for if not , changes to be made must have an affidavit notarized by a licensed notary public attorney to be valid .

There are many transactions wherein , Birth Certificate is required to be presented or be asked of a photocopy of it to be attached to other documents. It is because your real and personal identity are declared in details.

Marriage Certificate

A person who decided to marry , a marriage certificate must be registered to the municipality where they get married , in order to be valid or legal. It is a life time contract agreement between a man and a woman who vowed to each other in the sight or presence of God and man.

This is also important for it declares, the kind of status that a person have as part of personal identification. It's declaration must be the concern of every individual to be honest to the public. And in its legality would hinder anyone to become adulterous.


To everyone who is privileged to pursue education and a career , diploma is anyone's identification of educational attainment . Having such document, chances are , in search of job, one who is qualified , will be hired , depending on the documents presented and other relevant records attached to it .

There are indeed lots of records and documents that pertains to everyone's identification in our existence here on earth. To name some are the following:

Other Pertinent Identification
  • School ID

    Every school whether public or private schools , require every students to have identification card Beginning from nursery , then elementary , secondary , college level and professional levels who undergo masters degree or doctorate degree of education. And this of course , are for security reasons.

  • Employment ID

    Workers/employees in the government, private companies/ establishments all have identification cards worn before entering the working place or premises to avoid unauthorized personnel in their offices and access and rights only for employees and workers.

  • Licensed ID for Professionals , and


    Legalities in exercising professionalism in the practice of a career, a licensed ID is required. It is because they served the public.

  • Senior ID

    This is not a mandatory ID . Only those who desire to be a member of the Community Senior Organization is required . And to anyone who desire to avail of the senior privilege and benefits , a Senior ID is required

  • National lD

    The latest ID that has been required for every citizen in the Philippines.

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Documents Validity/Legality

Besides the documents our physical appearance is added to our identification.That is why an individual photo is attached to any identification card a person has.

A signature of an individual on said documents or any identification cards attests to its validity or legality. And just in case a person cannot write a thumbmark or finger prints of a person is required depending on its necessity or importance.

Inevitable Changes in Identity Nowadays

In Gender

We all know that there is an identity crisis going on in our society world wide today. And this have brought many into confusion. The modern technology somehow had a part in this.

Somehow such confusion had been addressed to I guess, because anyone who had gone through such identity crisis where legitimately accepted by the society all over the world.

The rights of every individual have not changed whatsoever, at the process of time, but in our society worldwide there is always changes happenings just like the climate change that we are having.

In Marriage

We can't deny the fact that some countries allowed marriages that is not allowed according to our ancient beliefs and faith based on the word of God. Such practiced of course was allowed by other countries according to their government laws.

Some individuals somehow , adopt such changes in their identity , for to them , it is what it takes to live a happy life in this earth.

The last Identification of Existence on Earth

Death Certificate

At birth, which is our entrance into this world, the birth certificate identify us . And at death , as exit in this world , the death certificate identify us confirming the cessation of our existence. The last document of any individual to have is the Death Certificate, that culminates a person 's existence in this earth. The documents in which the family left behind could use in any benefit claims in behalf of the Deceased loved ones.

The above mentioned identification documents pertains only to this earth, to serve it's very purpose in life on this earth only. I said this because of my belief. I would say my belief is according to the teachings of the Bible that I have been taught . You can can agree or disagree with me, it's everyone's right and prerogative, and I respect what you believe and what you have in mind. We have freedom and the right to exercise it.

I have to end up to this discussion, but I will be discussing on my next article the other side of our identification in the life hereafter.

Published : Nov. 17, 2022

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grabi talga ang pilipinas eh, napka daming certificate, napaka daming Id di tulad sa ibang country isang ID lang pwede na gamitin sa lahat . hay nako

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