What Kinds of Love Can Be Experienced

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LOVE MAKES THE WORLD GO ROUND. This is one of the familiar quotes pertaining to love topics. It was a quote of a man named W S. Wilbert. It comes from the popular song written by Bob Merill for the 1961 Broadway Musical Carnival.

In my personal understanding of the mere quote, I was apt to think , that love is something present in the world and it's presence brings the world to continue spinning round and round to experience both the night and the day to have the glimpse of the beauty of nature whether it be night or day, rain or shine in life and through life. It is something that motivates and inspires anyone who lives in this world to live life to the fullest.

There could be lots of differences of meaning attached to love. And the differences lies or depends upon the personal experiences of every individuals.

During my younger days, I heard teachings about love. One of which is about the the three kinds of love. Accdg. to the teacher it is Agape, Phileo and Eros, giving the distinction between the three:

AGAPE - is the highest kind of love. God being the one who can give the unconditional, unfailing love and everlasting love to mankind.

In human level kind of love, the love of man towards God , can only be the highest form of love It can be done by loving others next to God , in a way of showing kindness in many ways and giving forgiveness.

PHILEO - is the brotherly kind of love. It is a some kind of emotional attachment of care and concern for the welfare of another person, either personally known or not.

EROS - is the natural affection of male and female towards one another. There is a physical attraction involved. It is a passionate kind of love.

Whatever kind of love we have experience in life, we can say that love is something worthwhile to have and be experienced.

Love is something to be expressed and not to hide to be able to experience the joy that it could give you and the joy you can give to someone to whom you express your love and give it.

To love and be loved as a mutual feeling, of both people in love to the right person is a great blessing and experience. But a life of sadness and misery if it given to the wrong person.

A person who do not love in anyway or in any kind of love is missing a lot in this world.

Anyone has to ability to love and has the right to love. No one should forbid anyone to love and be loved. It's the freedom than all people should be entitled to in this world.

But be sure to love according to God's will and ways to receive the blessings of God and others. The blessings of joy, peace , contentment with whom you love.

Finally, Give the kind of love to whom the kind of love is due. To God first , to whom we owe everything, next will be others then you the last. You cannot love without giving because Love's happiness is in giving what you can give.

Thanks for reading .

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