What It Takes To Live A Happy Life

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Life, is the best and precious gift from God. We continue to exist in this world because God gives us life to live and enjoy , the way we want to .

As humans created by God in His own image, we are composed of body, soul and spirit. Our body is the world conscious part, the soul is our self conscious part , and the spirit is the God conscious part .

In these three aspects of our being, revolves our ways in life to live. How to live and enjoy our life these three aspects of our life must be handled right.

Our body

Our body is the human flesh , where our soul, the real us, resides or lives. We ought to take care of it , by nourishing it, to be healthy, and strong. We need not to abuse it, for in so doing we would get sick, and that would be the start of not enjoying our life .

Our soul

Just like our body our soul need to be nourished to be healthy and strong. The food of our soul is the word of God. We can feed it by making ourselves to avail in listening God's word as it is being preached and taught by God's ministers. Or by reading and studying it . And as we learned from it practice or do what we learned from it to strenghtened our faith in God .

Our spirit

Our spirit is the God's conscious part of us. It is through our spirit that God connects to us. The Holy Spirit which is the third Person of the Godhead will dwell in us as we by grace through faith accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour. It is the indwelling Spirit of God in us who will help us to communicate with God through prayer.

These are the basic truths we ought to know being a person , that God has given a life to live in this earth , with free will. When we talk about free will , it is our very own right to decide or to choose.

So the kind of life here on earth will most likely depends on our decisions and choices to make. So what it takes to live a happy life is our decision or choice to make.

All of us liked to live a happy life, but it will take many things to realize and to do to achieve it.

I am not an expert to know many things about life, but I would share what I have learned through experience , observations , and how I had been taught , and based on my personal insights.

To start with the topic "What It Takes To Live a Happy Life" , the first thing that I can say is:

It Will Take To Know God our Creator , Personally

The God who created us , desires our own happiness in life so we need to know Him personally. God gives everyone a freewill, which means , God will not force Himself in our lives . We must be the one to decide or to choose to know Him personally.

The Bible is the complete Revelation of God of Himself in the past as well as in the future. We would have no excuse for knowing Him personally, for we have the Bible. We cannot know God personally apart from the Bible.

To know God personally, there must be first belief that God exist, and faith that He is the True and Living God taught in the Bible. And belief that the Bible is the final authority in the teachings about God and in the teachings of the principles of how life is to be lived as a true believer

God does not look on our outward appearance, status in life, or race. God looks at our heart. He will accept us just as we are , as we come to Him believing and having faith of who He is.

The God who gives us the life and desires to have it lived to be enjoyed and be happy, knows how we could achieved it. That is why we have the Bible as our guide to light our path in living our life in this earth. We are safe in God's hand. If He has given us life, and Jesus Christ as our Saviour, there is nothing that He could not give us . He will not withhold anything that will be for our own good and well being.

By knowing the attributes of God: as God who is Omnipotent (all powerful), Omniscient (all knowing), Immutable (unchangeable) , should make us to take hold on Him in full trust and dependence.

His love is unconditional, and unfailing. His promises are true and will fulfill it. He will never leave us nor forsake us.

His love is perfect that we could not ask for more. His love has no limit, it is eternal. His promises are steadfast and sure. He watches over us and with us always. We only don't feel His presence and don't have His blessings , because it is us who change and left Him, when we sin against Him or forget Him, or turn our back to Him, or went away from Him.

So if ever we were unhappy in life , it is not God who change, it is us who decided or chose to change towards Him. But and if we decide or choose to find our way back to Him , He is just there waiting to welcome back us again where we left Him. Always ready and willing to give the happiness in life, in accordance to His will . In full submission to God's will can we only find the true meaning of happiness.

True Happiness comes in knowing God personally and having Him in our lives.

I shall be sharing other insights on this topic on my next article. I just hope this , had been an eye opener for us to first take into consideration in "What It Takes To Live a Happy Life."

God Bless Us All as we take steps to know God personally.

Published: Nov. 15, 2022 - Tuesday

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I totally agree po with what you said, knowing God is what life is all about, there's nothing more I can see to live this life worthwhile aside from knowing who God is.

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