What it takes to be a Parent

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It takes a God given privilege

It is a reality that not all married people are blessed to have a child or children of their own. And if ever they experienced to be a parent, it is because they decided to adopt a child , to be their own child to raise.

I know of a friend who have been married for a long time, but have not been blessed to have a child of their own. They have availed professional means of advice and medical treatment but it didn't work for them. So they give up on it and finally just decided to adopt a baby child from a relative. And now the baby is a teenage boy, and as I see they are living as a happy family.

It takes a blessed and an honourable experience

One of the reasons why people get married is to have a family of their own. Having own child or children to love and to care is a blessed & honourable experience. Any parent take pride having a child or children who resembles their physical features and good qualities. Children gives happy feelings despite many negativities involved in caring & training. Children inspires and motivated parents to do their roles. Seeing children happy & growing we'll being nourished and nurtured well are making parents to feel being compensated for the work or job well done in caring for them. Children showing values , traits, behaviour and attitudes not offensive gives honour to parents, for it suggests or manifest the parents' they have done good in giving such training and discipline.

It takes to have an important role to perform and be responsible of

To be parents carry with it accountability and responsibility. God who gave our children to us , makes us accountable to Him, how we guide and lead in the lives of our children. Since authority towards children is in the hands of parents, this authority must be used in accordance with the will of God as revealed and taught in the word of God.

Performing ones role as a parent is the responsibility to our children. It should not be taken for granted and passed on to any other person outside the family. As parents we should not depend on others to train and discipline our children. The first and foremost training and disciplining should begin in our home.

Providing for the family basic needs , are for parents to work for. Securing for safety and protection of children is a must to do by parents. Guiding and leading children to attain a good future should be considered with such focus and determination. Leading and guiding them.in the fear of God prepares children to face life's realities with positivities.

It takes a matured person mentally, emotionally, physically and socially

Parents should be matured enough to have a family to raise. Children are humans with life to live in the world with uncertainties and complexities. They are fully dependent to parents in everything. They need someone that they can fully depend upon. The father, who is called to be the pillar in the family should be matured enough to strongly and firmly uphold the family when storms of life passes by . The mother , who is called to light the house should also be matured at times children know not what to have and to hold on to when in doubt or in fear.

It takes a heart full of love and compassion

A family is consist of individuals said to have one blood flowing in their veins , but still have lots of differences in personalities, characteristics, likes and dislikes. Besides that, we are all imperfect beings, capable of doing mistakes , has flaws, has weakness, and will fail.

Knowing these very nature present in every individual, love and compassion can only be the key to have such qualities to counteract the very nature itself that can trigger conflicts in family relationships.

Having love and compassion for one another , parents to children and children towards parents , misunderstanding and conflicts can easily be settled down , problems solved , and will result to family staying together and getting strong and firm as .

It takes a good parent to prioritize a family next to God

Family is what we've got who will always be on our side to depend on and count on. Let us prioritize our own family in meeting their needs and in giving love, attention and care next to God.

Time limits us in doing many things we want to do for our family. Realizing this kind of situation , knowing our priorities according to its importance will help us to think of ways to manage our time wisely , and nothing wasted .

It takes a godly parent to secure a protected family from this world where evil exist

We all know evil is present in this world. And everyone is exposed to it . To combat evil cannot be done without the grace of God and God being with us all the time.

Consistent and unceasing Prayers of godly parents to our True and Living God for their children are the most effective ways to protect our children and shield them from evil .

Final say

God must be first and all others are options in all relationships to work. God knows best and His wisdom stands sure .Let us ask God the wisdom and guidance we need to help us to discern more clearly WHAT IT TAKES TO BE A PARENT to be the parent we ought to be that God wills us to be.

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To my expected & not expected readers

Thanks again for taking time to read my article. You can site any other thoughts or ideas I have missed to mention that ought to be included, in the comment section . I'd like to know it too. I will be trying more my best to come up with topics that would make you more interested to read.

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It takes the grace of God to be able to raise good and God fearing Children...

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2 years ago

It's true. Winning our children to Christ will be the first step. Our children must first have a personal relationship to Christ as Saviour and Lord of their life, so as God can work into their lives through the Holy Spirit indwelling them on the time of acceptance of Christ.

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2 years ago