What It Means to be a Friend

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Meaning of a Friend

Just as each one has different characteristics and personalities as a person so is the word friend has different meanings.

Meanings given to it depends on one's feelings, thoughts, experiences, social status, interests, standards and expectations.

Meaning based on Feelings

A friend is a person you are comfortable to be with in any place, at anytime , in any occasion or situation. There is a mutual feelings or connections that binds both which cannot be experienced with others . There is so much fun, happiness excitement being together. There is a feeling of confidence, trust , respect , care and love.

Meaning based on Thoughts

A friend is a person whose trends of thoughts can easily be understood even without you saying a word. Both minds easily connects each other in presence or in absence of the the other. Both knows what likes and dislikes each other have. They can both relate to each other's thinking .

Meaning based on Experiences

A friend is considered a friend by anyone based on the experiences they had with each other. In tough or difficult situations, in want or in need, in happy times or sad times and many more instances in the process of time that they are together or with others.

Meaning based on Social status

It's inevitable that a person chooses a friend with the same social status. This is understandable for there is something or many things common in or about them. But of course as a social being , they are not restricted to it . They can still have friends anywhere at their own choices and descretion.

Meaning based on Interest

A friend is a person to whom you have the same interests and share it to one another. It's the interests that binds them to be in company most of the time, whenever and wherever there is a chance or opportunity to share such interest. In social media persons are becoming friends in a group with same interest.

Meaning based on Standard

Every person though have similar personalities and characteristics, yet differs in standards in life and principles in life. Friends still remain friends but others set limits in their friendship. When it comes to some issues that pertains to spiritual beliefs and moral issues. There are those who stands to their own convictions no matter how their friends say about them , there are those we who do not.

Meaning based on Expectations

A friend usually have lots of expectations from their friends. But to make a friend out of one's own expectations usually end up in disappointments . We are to accept friends as they really are as they accept us , just as we are inside and out.

I believe , there is no one in this world , who have no friend. I think it's the saddest part in one's life having no friend or friends. Anyone is capable of being a friend and so there is no reason why a person can't have a friend isn't it.

A person who wanted to have friends must first show himself/herself friendly.

God blessed everyone.

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maMen is a social animal so he cant live without a company we all need friends to whom we share our sufferings sorrows and life!

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Yes, we all need a friend, I can't imagine life without it, but it's rare to find a true friend. If we have it, it's like a treasure, so let's take care with our friends.

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