What Do You Mean By Your Gifts

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A person is considered blessed whenever he receives gifts from friends, loved ones and someone special to him or her.

So much joy overwhelms us, whenever lots of gifts are received during important events or occasions besides having sumptuous food on the table, and presence of friends, loved ones and invited visitors.

There are many reasons why people give gifts to persons. And many different reactions or responses are given by the recipients of gifts.

When gifts are presented and is given , a person is given an idea or is prompted to think, what could be the intention of the the giver to the recipient.

The following are just my opinion about what gifts could mean or is being interpreted.

Positive Connotation of Gifts

Gifts are tokens usually received by anyone who is valued, appreciated, honored , and well loved.

Gifts creates good emotional vibes. It makes one happy, excited, and blessed.

Gifts gives lasting memories of events , occasions, celebrations in life shared together as time passes by. A person is still being remembered by the gifts he gives when his gifts remained in its existence for a long period of time.

Gifts are fruits of an inspired hard work and love motivated tokens. A person who give his gifts , worked hard for it in order to present a precious gift to someone he loved.

Gifts are being treasured because it depicts a true essence of love, concern, thankfulness, generosity, gratitude, and sharing.

Negative Connotation of Gifts

Gifts are expressions of a person who are made dumb by cowardice, shame, reluctance and fear to speak through words what they want to say but can't be able to say verbally. This is usually done by a suitor who is not confident with himself, have fear of rejection, too shy to propose because of insecurities.

Gifts as peace offerings to one offended .A person who had done wrong to someone used gifts to facify the anger, or resentment, to gain favour and reconciliation.

Gifts as bribed so as to be given favours, priorities, good dealings or best treatments. In the business realm, this is still practiced , to close a deal or a contract. In terms of love, the suitor give gifts to parents of the girl he is courting,to gain the approval or support of the parents.

Gifts manifesting pride in ability and status in life to gain prestige or fame. It is sometimes use to impress someone, that the giver is someone above others in ability to provide and can afford such.

In this regard of the positive and negative connotation of the gift, I can say the following statements as my observations:

Gifts then has something to say about a person's character and intentions whatever situation it is given , whereever and whenever it is given.

Gifts has also something to say about the person to whom it should be given. If that someone is so loved and special.

Gifts has also something to say about the events, occasions, or celebrations it is being presented.

Different Events or Occasions That Gifts are Received


It was during birthdays that gifts are very much expected from visitors. In the Philippines, anyone who is invited , will come to the party with gifts on hand ready to give to the birthday celebrant. It is their way of cheering the birthday celebrant not only with their presence but more by their gifts.

For parents

Birthday is the most awaited events that parents prepared in advance just to give their children a birthday celebration. To them to celebrate a birthday is way of Thanksgiving .That a birthday celebrant is with them to have another year added to enjoy and cherish.

It is usually the first birthday, of children that their parents gives a birthday party that they would spend much for its celebration. A celebration that is so special held in venue of famous fast-food in town , with many visitors or in their house special and properly decorated for the event.

Grandchild's 1st Birthday


The most special day for everyman and woman to have in their lives. It is the time to make their vows of love and commitment before God and people close to their hearts and friends.

Lots of gifts are given by principal & secondary sponsors, relatives & friends, and invited guests.

Holiday Season

Christmas and New Year are the holiday season wherein people all over the world gave or exchange gifts as part of the holiday season celebrations.

Children received gifts from their godparents. Families & relatives, Friends & acquiantances exchange gifts.

Valentine's Day

Traditionally, this is a special day for every lovers to celebrate. This is celebrated every 14th day of the month of February. On or before this day, lovers gave gifts to their special someone to express their sincere love, devotion and adoration. Gifts in the form of boquet of red roses, chocolates, stuffed toys or many more kinds of tokens .

There are other events, celebrations or occasions that persons can receive gifts. I only mentioned the foremost occasions that are commonly practiced by majority in giving gifts.

Giving gifts are actually practiced dependent upon the personal ability or capability or person's generosity . It is a kind of attitude of a willing heart who wants to make someone happy.

How about you, do you have someone in heart and mind whom.you want to be happy this Love Month?

Is there someone dear to your heart or a special someone whom you want to know your sincere love , devotion and adoration? This is a timely month to express it, through your gifts.

To conclude , You can give without love, but you cannot love without giving.

I hope I have somewhat entertain you. Thanks for giving time to read.

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For me, the best gift is love and respect

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You are right about the part of a timid suitor giving gifts to cover their cowardice.

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