What Are The Things We Treasured In Life

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Whether we admit it or not , we have many things we treasure in life. What I mean is things that we value as precious things that we just keep and hold because it means something to us , it has sentiments that we can't just throw away, or forget. Let's try to see what are those things we usually treasure.

Things Treasured In Life

Photos in Albums, Picture Frames , Wallet, Cellphones

I am sure most of us still have photos during our childhood days when photos are yet the available things to have. Maybe our parents have it stored in album pictures.

I can still remember when I was young, when we have visitors my parents used to entertain them by showing lots of album pictures of the family as they are preparing for the visitors refreshments.

The album pictures were usually in the sala placed in an exclusive cabinets being displayed for everyone who wants to see it.

The most treasured photos back then, which can be seen in our sala was the wedding portrait of my parents. When you will enter our sala it is hang above the door leading to our dining room.

Other photos were photos in a picture frame being hung on the wall of the sala. Pictures of the whole family, and members of the family who have graduated as well as its Diplomas. It seems you are in a studio with photos all around the sala.

Nowadays photos are more in the gallery of our cellphones or in the memory card storage .

Photos are so dear to us, that we treasured so much. Photos are our cherished memories in our lives that reminds us of important occasions, events or gatherings that we take pride of showing to others how we looked back.then, or we had been in such a place with such famous or important people.

Personal,Public Documents

Important documents like Birth Certificate, Marriage Contract, Land Titles, Diplomas, Work Related Documents & Pertinent papers for our Identity.

All the above mentioned important papers are so treasured, keep intact and safe as much as possible for future use of the family and personally by each.memberbif the family. They are important and valuable things for us, that need not be lost.

Personal Favorite Belongings

Valuables like Jewelries, Favorite Dress, Bags or Shoes are so much cherished and kept. If it be given to others , it is given to someone loved and closely related to, or to someone who is favorite.

Cars, House, Furnitures that are costly and worked hard for are very much cherished and valued because it is the fruit of their labors and sacrifice.


The most coveted after cherished and valued by every individual. Because of it's literal value in basic necessities in life, for comfort and ease up fame and power, money becomes the apple of the eye of every individual. Money is a thing yet it is so powerful in influencing people to get by hook or by crook.

Persons Treasured In Life

Parents & Family

The first and foremost persons we treasured in life are our parents and family. Without our parents we would have no family to belong too and exist in this world.

Our parents and family will always be the one who loved and care for us. Who will protect and provide for us. Who will support us in what we want to achieve in life. Who will be there for us in all situations in life: in sickness and in health, in richer or poorer, in joy or sadness, difficulties or ease and will always be on our side no matter what till death take us apart.

Husband or Wife

When we leave our home to settle to build our own home and family, the partner we have in life is the one we treasure in our lifetime. The partner in life to whom we made vow before God and men could be the dearest one to have and to hold , to protect and provide all the days of our lives. No one should or nothing should separate them whom God joined together in marriage.


Children are blessings from God. They are fruits of the love of husband and wife, their blood and flesh . They are truly our treasures to keep, protect and to hold until our last breath. We do everything for them , for they are the one that binds the husband and wife's relationship.

Pets & Plants

There are lots of people who loves pets and plants like they love people. They give their efforts of love and care, protect and provide for their needs. For them, their pets or plants are their joy and comfort, stress reliever,friend & companion.

Profession , Work, Business , or Source of Income

There are people who chose profession, work or business or source of income other than people in their life. They treasured it so much that they sacrifice their love life or personal enjoyment. There are other reasons maybe but the choice they made shows they treasured it most.

Belief, Faith or Spiritual Things

Last but not the least that people treasured and cherished in life is their belief, faith and spiritual things. There are people who chose their belief ,faith and spiritual things more than anyone or anything. Their priority is focused not on the things this world could offer them but on thev things beyond this life or the life hereafter, which could mean God , to whom they owe everything in life.

My personal insights

The things we treasured in life , is seen in how we lived our lives. How we treat things and people. By the way we make decisions, choices, and give priorities in life is what we cherished., valued and treasured in life.

All of us differs in this regard. We treasured things and persons differently. We choose those things we feel will make us happy and satisfied. All of us deserved to be happy in life accdg. as we want to live it for it is our life. We ought to respect each other rights and freedom to.live life. We are all accountable to God who lend us this life to live. We would only be accountable to others if we would violate their rights or freedom .

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What Are The Things 
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