The Kind of Faith Shows The Kind of Life

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No one can deny the fact that each of us has some kind of beliefs or faith which we take hold on to in life. It maybe handed on to us by our parents or have been passed by our forefathers from generations to generations which in the process of time had been adopted , accepted and treasured in life up to the present.

And since it was handed down to us from childhood, by practice and teachings of our parents, we do the same and embraced it, and had been our way of life.

And I must say, Life Is What or How We Make it. And what kind of life we have is how we make it according to our beliefs, or faith that we practiced.

The Need

It is needful therefore, to check our beliefs or faith , if we are on the right track of truthfulness, to ensure the happy life to be lived on earth. Life can be miserable as it is, when you live in a lie or falsehood all your life on earth , more so in the life hereafter.

Making A Decision

As we aged and become independent from our parents, changes in beliefs or faith can either change or remain, depending on the decision we will make.

The possiblity of a change is possible depending on how we are diligent to seek for truth based on the best reliable source that is available and is within our reach.

The Best Source of Truth

Due to our wide range of exposure to the society apart from our usual companions, New ideas , informations , teachings and knowledge that can be known from different sources are available.

In my own conviction, the BIBLE is the best source of TRUTH, specifically the KJB1611. It is because it is the nearest Version to the original manuscripts.

The kind of life that anyone lived before God and fellowmen shows, the beliefs or faith that one has.

The Complexities in Life

There exist complexities in life because of what we are or who we are by creation. As human beings we were created uniquely from each other. We have individual differences that if not accepted and tried to be understood on God's point of view , we all messed up with our lives in dealing with each other in peace or harmoniously.

In Human Relationship

In every kind of relationship whether it be personal , private or public, the possibilities of problems exists. Problems exists because of differences in beliefs or faith, personalities, and many more. If not handled right, sad to say, any relationship will break up.

Human tendencies , because of being imperfect or sinners by nature, problems arises. Not unless we let God worked in us and through us unsolved problems continue.


The Need of True Faith in God

Every individual therefore need to realize the need of God in our lives. And it takes faith , belief, trust and dependence upon God to live a life at its best.

The Need To Balance The Physical and Spiritual Needs

This is the common mistake that we need to consider in life. We were so focus on the physical needs more than our spiritual needs. It is only when we faced problems, difficulties, troubles that we remember to seek God .


Life lived on earth is a privilege or a gift from God to enjoy responsibly, with the free will God has given us.

I say, responsibly, it is because at our appointed time we will face our Creator in the life hereafter to give account of ourselves to Him, on how we lived our life on earth.

The earth is just a temporary place to live just as our physical body is just the temporary abode of our immortal soul. The body without the soul is dead and will turn to dust from which it came from. But the soul goes into eternity which it is destined to .

Our soul's destination is dependent on the kind of decision we made during our earthly life. It is dependent on the faith or belief we had on God, whether we accept or reject the Saviour Jesus Christ , whom God has sent into this world long years ago.

The world believed that Jesus Christ came and lived in this earth, that is why the world celebrate Christmas. The very essence of Christmas is: Jesus Christ is the God sent Saviour of a sinful mankind, because a real place called hell exist in eternity, for those who reject Christ, and a real place called heaven in eternity exist for those who by grace through faith accept Him as Saviour and Lord.

The kind of life we lived here on earth will show the kind of faith and belief in which we stand. Is our faith and belief based on the truthfulness as taught in the Bible, which the final authority ?

If in this world there exist records of our identity in our earthly existence, in which family we belong to, in eternity there exist records of our identity.

The Bible declares that there is a Book of Life wherein the names of people who were born in the family of God were written . And there are records of the good things we did on earth individually, and it is written in the Book of Remembrance.

If in this earth there is a judgment made for the good and evil, in eternity we will all face judgement before our God, the True and Living God.

The Judgment seat of Christ is to be faced by every true believers of Christ. This judgment is done to give rewards for the things they have done on earth. While the Great White Throne Judgment is to be faced by non believers of Jesus Christ.

I have yet many things to say, but this is all for now. Let us therefore examine ourselves whether we be in the true faith and belief according to the word of God, the Bible, the complete Revelation of God to mankind. Be not negligent in knowing what the Bible says. God in His great love and mercy gives everyone the wisdom and discernment of the truths as you willingly and in faith read the Bible.

Published: Nov. 21, 2022

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WOLO, we only live once, life is short, so let's cherish every moment, live life to the fullest, and give Thanks to God for every free oxygen we intake every day.

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