The Essence Of Being A Mother

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To be a mother is a blessing that comes from God. It is a privilege that not everyone was entitled too. But then , I believe that every woman God has given a motherly instinct to love and to care for children. What I mean is , though a woman is not able to bear a child in her womb , she is capable of giving love and care to a child or someone even if it is not her very own child.

M - Mother

Is a title given to a woman, blessed by God to have a fruitful womb.

O - Offers lots of love and care

A mother has all the ability and the capability to offer lots of love and care to her children. It continues from start even to the end of her life. It flows in her veins, pump by her heart, focus in the mind , and expressed by his actions and gestures.

T - Taking responsibilities in everything faithfully and sacrificially for the welfare of the family.

A mother can be counted upon in everything pertaining to family matters. She knows by heart and practice what , when , how and where her responsibilities towards her family is to be done or exercised. Any tasks she is able to do according to his ability and capability is faithfully, and sacrificially done, even without notice or appreciation by anyone in the family. It is her happiness and joy to serve the loved ones.

H - Homely

A mother's domain is the home. It is the safest place for her and the family. It is the shelter where everyone is protected and being provided for by their needs physically, emotionally, mentally, socially and spiritually.

The mother sees to it , that the home where her family lives , will be the place her family wants to stay as always. She does it by making them feel loved and very important people to her.

E - Extraordinary

A mother is an extraordinary person. She can be anyone in the home. She does not only function as bearing child, but do many things more in the house.

She can be a teacher. Actually it is from the mother that children learned first before they are being taught by the professional teachers.

She can also be a nurse. Whenever any member of the family is sick, she could not rest or sleep properly for she is on watch for them. Keeping on watch that medicine should be taken on time. She sees to it that the proper food to be taken with such kind of nutrients needed is being served and us eaten.

She can also be a barber, or an hairstylist. When a baby boy's hair gets long, she will try to learn how to trim it by all means. When a baby gilr's hair is to be fix , she does it beautifully.

She can also be a carpenter, an electrician, and many more if needed , and calls for a necessity.

R - Reliever

A mother at times come to a point , that she has to work outside the home but still doing her responsibility at home. She has to do it , in case of necessity because the husband is sick, or has lost its job and maybe other personal reasons.

S - Supportive

A mother is very supportive to every member of the family. No one is taken for granted. Everyone is appreciated. She knows how every member of the family be treated equally , accordingly,and lovingly. From early morning to late evening her support to everyone in the family is always available. When you feel sad, she makes you fell happy. When you are weak physically she does everything to.make you strong. When you are being bullied or someone talks I'll of you, she is your defender. When you are discouraged, she encourages you, inspires , teach you what you should do. When you fail or commit mistakes, she discipline you with love and correct and forgives you. She will always be by your side when you needed her help. She always pray for you to God. Whatever she can't be able to do God will be the one to give and provide it for you.

Being a mother is not a profession but she sometimes is like a professional doing the tasks of what professionals are doing. What I mean is , mother is collectively doing the tasks and responsibilities of caring, teaching, training, disciplining, protecting, guiding, motivating, inspiring, and always praying to God for her family to be completely united in love and harmony , experiencing peace, love and joy together for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health till death takes them apart .



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The Essence of Being A Mother
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Tunay po na maraming duties and responsibililies ang isang ina. Hindi po biro ang maging isang dakilang ina. Lalo na pagdating sa pagpapalaki sa ating mga anak

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1 year ago

I agree, I may not be a mother but I always had that motherly instinct. Well, I did took care my nieces

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1 year ago

One of the extraordinary beings here on Earth, no one can be compared to our mother who made several sacrifices for us, and with this day may all the mothers be blessed and be happy as we celebrate Mothers Day. Happy Mother's Day po.

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1 year ago