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I was privileged to attend a Special Event last Sunday, Nov. 27, 2022. It was a Birthday Celebration of our Pastor. The said event is not only to celebrate his birthday but also to show appreciation for his faithful act of ministering to all the believers in Rizal, Nueva Ecija as well as the believers in diverse places here in Nueva Ecija. It was his 65th birthday.

This was the best among the rest of the 15th celebration that was held among his birthday celebration. It can be said as a grand celebration in appreciation for him as God's gift to us being our Pastor. And I was happy to be there , in the celebration to witness , and experienced the joy of the celebration.

I said it's grand, or the best among the rest because of the following:

The Venue

The Birthday Celebration was held usually at BHBBC (Blessed Hope Bible Baptist Church) building, in Rizal Nueva Ecija, Sunday Afternoon. We were just outside the building , put up chairs and tables used in the church for such different purposes .

This time It was very different. They decorated and set up the place nicely for two purposes; worship service , because it is Sunday, and the celebration of birthday and appreciation of our beloved Pastor.

They hired chairs and tables and set it up inside the church building. The chairs and tables were covered with cloth with the color motiff of gold.

The main platform was decorated beautifully according to the occasion. The curtains of the windows were matched to the color combination motiff.

Actually I was so surprised to see it all. The celebration indeed was levelled up from simple to grand.

The entrance
The Worship Place Set Up

The Dress Code/Accessories

It was also the first time that we are to wear formal clothing, from kids to adults.

Formal wear for ladies color combination of black and gold. It could be a long dress or below the knee dress with long or short sleeve, not low neckline. With hair accessories and fashion jewelries.

For men , black pants & polo with suspender or coat and tie and with hats.

The Young Men & Ladies
The Children

The Guests

The Visitors of the said event came from the different Mission Churches in different parts in Nueva Ecija, which Pastor has laboured for and supported being the Pastor of the Main Church BHBBC (Blessed Hope Bible Baptist Church).

The Program

The program was emceed by one of the son of the Pastor . As an introduction to the event , he mentioned about how the celebration get started and is continuing up to now as an appreciation to the Pastor of the Church. It is a part of acknowledging the Pastor, as God's gift to the believers as a church, to minister to believers in giving spiritual nourishment for spiritual growth and maturity.

After such introduction , the Church welcomes the Pastor with his wife in standing ovation, as he passed by at the ailse.

Afternoon Worship Service


The BHBBC Ladies Ensemble , rendered their Special Number.

Giving of Testimonies

Two Pastors gave their personal testimonies on how God used Pastor Fred in their spiritual journey till they become Missionary Pastors.


The Pastor who preached the word of God, started with Prayer before Preaching.


After the Preaching prayer was made , then a short speech from the BHBBC Pastor , the Birthday Celebrant .

The Birthday Celebration

After the Worship Service , the celebration started. One of the Pastor of an Outreach of the Church , from which I belong , prayed for the food we are going to partake. After the prayer as announcement was made as to how food was to be taken so that there will be orderliness.

The Picture Taking

The picture taking were done by groups or by churches. But of course the first group was the family of the birthday celebrant followed by the mission churches pastors. They were the first one who were served by food .

The picture taking, giving of special numbers by churches, and self serving of food, because it was a Buffett style was done simultaneously .

Which ever group will have the picture taking, on the platform with the Pastor & wife , as they finished will go straight outside where the food is being served.

Rendering Special Number

Each mission church render a special number. While others are eating their food there were choir from mission church that render their special numbers. After rendering such special number, then they will go straight outside where the food is served.

Food Serving /Buffet Style

We fall in line for the food to be served . It was a catering service , for everyone's convinience. We contributed 150 per person whether you are a child or adult.

Usually in the previous celebration it was potluck. Beside the foods prepared by members of the main church , the mission churches and outreach who will come have also food prepared to be served.

So by this time, all of us will just be served by food. No more cooking, no more carrying of everything needed in eating . Just prepare ourselves accordingly to the celebration, enjoy the celebration and fellowship .

I guess, I have told everything about the event, that I was privileged to attend.

All I can say is, all of us who attended enjoyed the event.

God indeed blessed each one materially, financially , and physically so as we would be able to attend the event.

I shall be sharing to you how God did blessed me to attend such event , but I will just reserved it for the next article.

Published: Nov. 30, 2022 - Wednesday 

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I am happy to know that you learnt abd spent a good day over there

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1 year ago

Wow,napaka social naman at ang mga foods subrang sarap tignan lalo na pag natikman.😅

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1 year ago

Thats one thing to start the birthday is to preach, one of the advantages for being a christian.

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1 year ago