Plandemic, Pandemic, or Endemic, Which?

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2 years ago

The Corona Virus had been an issue years ago. No matter how people think of it, surely its existence has a very great negative impact in the lives of people personally, socially , financially and for the country in governance economically all over the world.

I had previously read articles about the Corona Virus that it is a PLANDEMIC, meaning that it was planned . That there are people behind Corona Virus.

Is it Plandemic

My personal opinion

Personally, I think that it was all about someone's opinion on the issue of Corona Virus. I do believe that Corona Virus is real because of the death polls of it as told by the news.

I just don't know, if it is planned before existence or after existence of the said Virus. Or it is used or being used to put fear in the hearts and minds of people in order to control people and obey those in authority in everything.

The issue of plandemic is disregarded , for it is not proven. If in case there are those who believe in it, there is no way by which it helped to eradicate the virus nor helped in minimizing the death or mortality rate nor helped the affected people survive the hardships of life they are going through.

Is it Pandemic

Yes , it is pandemic

Corona Virus is real . It's effects in the lives of people were clearly seen and experienced around the world. It is attested to us by World Health Organization. News from all over the world made it known in social media. Thus making it to be called a PANDEMIC

It took many lives, of people irregardless of age, sex, status in life, rich or poor. Health professionals who helped those infected by the virus to survive , some were not able to survive .

Seeing the dangers it brought in the lives of people . Health protocols were mandated , and many restrictions were made for public safety.

Learning from experiences of other countries , my country the Philippines had to take some measures to protect it's citizens from the spread of Corona Virus.

The first implementation was made in the country. NCR and Central Luzon the most populated part of the country was placed in an ECQ protocol. Announcement was made as to when it will start to be implemented.

ECQ - Enhanced Community Quarantine or Locked Down

This is the most strict observance of health protocols among other restrictions during the pandemic

Before ECQ

I can still recall before the said date of implementation, people rushed in going to and fro to groceries , supermarkets in malls, to buy the necessary things needed at home , the most basic needs like foods, grocery goods, sanitizers and alcohol.

Panic buying happened in every place, causing all the stocks in groceries and supermarkets out of stocks.

Fears can be seen in the faces of all the people. Uncertainties is in the atmosphere in every place & surroundings.

I can still remember the day when the family of my daughter have to travel the night before the ECQ implementation. They have to leave that very night so as to reach Bicol at the right time before ECQ implementation start.

During ECQ In Pandemic

There were many restrictions implemented during the ECQ . In every family there will only be one who will be given a quarantine pass . There was a curfew implemented, a limited time use to do to buy things needed at home. in a public place like in the market or to stores or drug stores and nothing more.

Business establishments which has nothing to do with basic necessities were being closed. This is to minimize public from roaming around publicly to ensure that Corona Virus be not spread .

No place, no person is safe at that time so everyone must be quaratined at home. Every place and every person is prone to be a carrier of the virus. So better beware of anyone even your very own loved ones. So everyone in on distance from one another. No personal body contacts by hands shakes, or hugs or even in close distance with a person.

Everyone is cautious , everything is being set aside, family gatherings, social gatherings, meetings, in public places as mandated by health protocols sanctioned by the government to have its hundred percent compliance.

Everyone must wear a face mask , and face shield in public places. And in case of too many people there must be social distancing.

Economy in the country suffered , along with the people. At the closing of many business establishments, many lose their jobs.

And as families are quarantined at home business on entertainment closed, places used for family and social gatherings or events nationwide were closed.

It was indeed a new normal society that had happened unexpectedly, mind you not only in the Philippines but world wide.

Is It Endemic

At the discovery of vaccine and people being vaccinated and the results of low mortality rate and lesser people getting infected by the virus and it's variants, made the health protocol restrictions made lighter and lighter.

Little by little it's getting back to normal NCR & other part in Luzon were put in Alert Level 1 and there was a notion that it would be back sooner or later to Alert Level 0, wherein back to normal activity and mobility like before pandemic.

.Could this be the sign of the ENDEMIC?How I hope and wish it to be so. Do you agree? What do you think? What is your opinion?

My Personal Views & Insights

Those things I mentioned above were my personal views and insights shared to you. My thoughts put into writings, somehow to entertain and to relate as well to your personal observations.

This pandemic to me is like a nightmare put in reality. Thank God , He is in control of everything. His protection and provision, guidance, comfort , and peace were given to me and family all those days previously experienced for almost two years now. God has been good all those times for everyone to survive . Am still hoping and praying that anytime this year would be the ENDEMIC.

Thanks for reading

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