My Widowhood Life

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Unexpected situations in life comes our way. There is nothing we can do about it except accept it and faced it.

The Saddest Moment of My Life

The Death of my Husband - Dec. 2014

My husband had a high blood attacked that caused him comatose and died after one day only. I don't want to go into the details of it anymore for I don't want to feel that saddest feeling , by going back into that memories. I had to moved on from it and face the reality of living without him from now on. It's not that I have not loved him that much and have not good memories about him. In fact he had loved me more than I do loved him that makes me to missed him so much. It just that , I wanted the good memories of him stayed within my heart and mind and not that saddest part.

Living Without My Husband On My Side

  • Left my hometown , Nueva Ecija - By Jan. 2015 I reunited with my daughter and youngest son. My three children lived with me in a rented apartment in Caloocan City. But I just decided to part ways with them and back home to my hometown in Nueva Ecija with my older son, who is a bachelor. Living in a city with just renting is costly . And since my pension has not yet been availed , living in the province in the ancestral house is much practical than living in the city,where everything has to be bought and rent and water bill has to be paid for monthly.

  • To have something to be busy with and be entertained after off hours in household tasks I open an fb account

A Concerned Loved One's Offer Received

One of my elder sister who resides in Canada , knowing then that I became a widow, she and her husband offered me to be the care taker of their vacation house here in the Philippines.

Oct. 2015 , during yearly vacation, I came to meet them in their vacation house in Pampanga. And I started to stay there. They promised to give my monthly allowance since then. It took me almost three years staying in their house in Pampanga.

When my sister became a widow too , year 2017, she could not travel back to the Phil. alone for a vacation for she had an Alchzimer disease. So it was decided by her daughter that they would just let the house to be just in the care of their nearest relative who lived near the house at the same compound.


Aug. 2018 I was back in my hometown, in Nueva Ecija, after staying in Pampanga for almost 3 years. I was reunited with my son back home then.


By Jan. 2019, an elementary classmate of mine arrived. We are friend in fb and had communication if ever necessary. He thought of having a reunion with our batch of elementary classmates. So that month of Jan. 2019 , was a memorable event for us . It was my first reunion to be attended . For that time I was able to meet and fellowship with my elementary classmates. We had fun and happy meeting each other.


Come Feb. 2019, My oldest daughter, who is already married and had a son, and a 6 months pregnant for a second child, told me thru messenger that she needed me to be with her family to take care of her forthcoming baby, for she will still be working after her maternity leave. Willing to be of help to my oldest daughter , I consented leaving my son and my PWD youngest sister. Since my younger sister, is our neighbor I entrusted to her our PWD youngest sister, to take care of her. She agreed and took our PWD sister to her house

I travelled from Nueva Ecija going to Baesa, Caloocan City, where the family of my daughter lives. Since the the forthcoming baby was not yet born, I worked in the store where my son-in-law is managing. At that time he needed a helper in the store, and so I agreed. He gave me a salary for being a helper and I accept it, since I need to support my son which I left in the province.


Month of May 2019, my daughter gave birth to her second child, a baby girl. When she get back to work, me and my son in law took turns in the store and in taking care of the baby. It's quite difficult for me, but I was able to manage my time working at home and working at the store


March 2020, the very unexpected event came. Covid 19 virus change the situations in my life, as well as anyone, for it had been a pandemic. I never did know that it will be the time that I will be separated from.them. My son in law took his family to Bicol, their province hometown, for his parents and relatives resides there. When he gets back , and when situations get worst, he decided to close the store and went his family in Bicol.


It was Aug. 2020 , that my youngest son took me in their rented Pasay . He had already a family of his own. He had two children a girl, the eldest and a boy, the younger. His wife was the one working, and my son was the one taking care of the children and do some household chores. When I stayed with them I took the responsibility of cooking and helping in others chores and in helping in taking care of the kids.

I with my youngest son family, I stayed with them since Aug. 2020 up to the present.

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Until one gets there, to the point of losing their marital partner, they may not be able to understand in totality the pains of widowhood. You have been a strong woman, you can still pull through. Keep investing in children.

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