My Spiritual Journey (Part 4)

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Time passes so quickly, and everyone grows older each year that time passes by.

To My Mother -in- Law

My mother in law got sick, and we as a family was with them during those times.During the time that she was sick , we took care of her , in the hospital , then back home till she went home with our Creator. When she was still alive she professed faith in Christ and died in that kind of faith in Christ as her Saviour .

To My Father

My father got sick and I visited him. When I visited him, I didn't have the second thought of sharing the gospel of salvation to him. Knowing him that he don't believe on things pertaining to spiritual matters, I still took the opportunity to share to him the gospel of salvation. And to my surprise he is so calm and attentive. He has a soft heart to admit his need of a Saviour. It was maybe because he is sick and know at anytime he would die. I led him to pray a sinner prayer, confessing his sins, and asking forgiveness of his sins. And confessing with his mouth his faith in Christ and accepting Him as Saviour and Lord. I read to him verses from the Bible regarding the promises of God that will assure him of the truths regarding the eternal life promised to anyone who put his faith and trust in Christ as Saviour. After that he still recover from his sickness and became strong. When he recovered I went back to my own family, and just visit him every month.

Till the day come that he got sick and was hospitalized. I remember that day that I visited him in the hospital, and said he wants to go home . That it would be better for him to be home , and would live longer at home than in hospital. He became irritable in the hospital, so we decided to brought him home. And he requested me to be there at home to take care of him.

So leaving my family for the meantime, I lived with my parents and take care of my father. We just have assistance from a doctor to have the treatment he needed while at home. He was in oxygen and dextrose for he was already bed ridden. My siblings from far places give time to visit him. I was there keeping watch over my father . I stayed and sleep in the room. I did what the nursing aide do. I have to be there that as he opened his eyes he will see me there.

But his time to depart came . I was awaken then , I saw that the the oxygen is not working anymore. The glass attached to it was not bubbling anymore. So I called my older my brother and told about it. And he checked the pulse and the heartbeat if there is any. And he said , he is dead. We called then for the doctor who administer to my father and she checked my father and she said he is dead. She was the one who take off the gadgets in my father's body. It was July 14, 2004 when that happened.

To My elder sister (4th from the eldest)

It was year 2008, that together with my husband and my second son , went home to the province to reside there. It was not our intention , but it became a necessity because my older brother asked us to leave the house because they will be occupying it the soonest to start a business . Accdg. to him he bought it already to our mother. To make us leave at one he started to make some improvements on it while we are still staying . Since we have no place ready to stay , he promised to give us some amount so as we could leave at once.

Since my aged mother, sickly elder sister and the youngest sister (PWD ) were only living in the house at that time, for they were abandoned by our eldest sister, and the older brother who bought the house in Caloocan, I decided just to go home to the province and stayed with the three of my family .

Living there with my aged mother, sickly old sister, and the youngest PWD sister, I took all the responsibility for them . Taking care of them, doing the household chores for them . My elder sister , was still single and she is sick with lupous. I took care of her since we arrived Oct. 2008. As I took care of her I am also reminding her about her spiritual need. She is one of the sisters I have invited before in Calvary Baptist Church , to hear the gospel of salvation. She also professed faith in Christ. She was also baptized and became a member of the church. I am constantly reminding her of her faith in Christ and asking her if she has the assurance of being saved, and she said she was assured.

It was Feb . 14, 2009, that she went home with the Lord. My younger sister, who works in Nueva Vizcaya, was with me that time . She assisted me during the last breath of our sister. I even heard my sister said , she is already tired and want to sleep . She was conscious if what is happening arounder her, she recognizes all if us who is there at the room. My mother, my younger sister and me. She requested things be given her and we did give it her . When I told her it's okey have your rest and sleep and she started to close little by little her eyes as if she is too sleepy, and started to snorr having a deep sleep then she stops breathing. My younger sister then who is monitoring her blood pressure, it went down slowly, till it reached 50 then lower and she is gone.

That consecutive deaths in our family was really sad. But that is how life goes. We are just temporary in this planet earth. But there is life hereafter that the Bible teaches for us to be prepared to . And preparing for it is while we are yet in our full awareness of our being , have the strenght, the health, and still can breath and have life, can understand , can decide , and can talk to God personally, earnestly , can still believe and put our faith and trust and accept Christ as Saviour.

I thanked God , that He enable me to be by the side of my loved ones, when they needed me to help them physically and spiritually. Having the time to take care of them made it easier for me to accept their departure from this planet earth to go home to the place God has promised and prepared for them in heaven eternally.

I have to end up for the meantime here. I still have more to share with you about my spiritual journey. Coming up next is Part 5, the climax of my Spiritual Journey.

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My Spiritual Journey (Part 4)
Ministry of Help
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Your father did the right thing by praying and asking God for forgiveness.

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