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First Visit - House blessing

My sister with her husband, a Filipino who resides in Canada arrived. And they invited us to their house blessing in Pampanga . The newly house built was intended to be their yearly vacation house. We attended the house blessing and stayed for awhile to spend more days with them before going home.

Yearly Visit

It was usually during the month of October that my sister & her husband have their 3 months yearly vacation. And whenever she stays here in the Philippines, she will asked us to stay there with her as long as they stay there. And so we spent the holiday season with them till the time they would leave again to go back home to Canada.

Stay in Offered

The time came when my sister arrived with her husband. They offered me to stay for quite a long period of time, for my brother-in-law will not stay for long but will be back to Canada soon. I will be taking care of my sister & the house while she stays . My brother in law said that instead of hiring another, they just decided to take me and will give me the hire intended for hiring another. During that time , 2014 my mother died and my husband died that same year. My mother died January while my husband December. And so with my youngest sister with me , who is a PWD , we stayed in Pampanga with my older sister. My sister went back to Canada after almost 6 months of stay , the only period of time she is allowed to stay.

Stay in Experience

The house was big, there was one room downstairs and 2 rooms and a master bedroom upstairs. It was a 14th steps stairs so I just chose to stay in the room downstairs because it is accessible to everything in the house: in the sala, & kitchen.

It was a big house to clean , downstairs and upstairs. I just clean it alternately.

Downstairs Room Experience

My PWD sister & I slept in the room downstairs. It was an air conditioned room like the 3 rooms upstairs. I usually put off the light in the room but just let the lights on outside the house to aid light inside the room. I just let the venetian blinds cover the glass windows leaving just a little space not covered for the light to enter the room. I just don't know the exact time when I was awaken.I was still lying on bed at that time and I set my eyes out of the window . Being the lights on outside I saw a man's shadow outside. In my mind , I am thinking maybe it's my brother in law's older brother who will take a look around the place to check. But still I doubted because it is not usually the place he used to walk whenever he goes to his garden. He usually take the left side path going to it. But then that morning , I dare not to ask him. I just erased it on my mind. Having such kind of experienced we moved to the room upstairs, the room near the terrace.

Near the Terrace Room Experience

The room near the terrace was not as big as the room downstairs. The bed was a double deck but me and my PWD sister just sleep together in the low deck. It was early dawn, and it was still dark outside and I wake up to search some pictures in a big box wherein I put all the pictures albums of my older sister. The lights on the room was on while I was searching,when it suddenly clicked off and the light was off for quite seconds or maybe a minute before it lighted again. I am a bit scared and said in our own language , Brother I am searching your picture that can be used for the tarpauline. The tarpauline I am referring to was the one to be use in the first death anniversary of my brother in law. On that morning I asked my nephew if there was an outage of electricity that morning at about 5 am, and he said there's none.

The photo was taken during the first death anniversary. There was the tarpauline but was taken out instead a table with his picture was placed instead.

Going Downstairs Experience

It is my routine everyday that going downstairs I will wipe each stairs one after another as I go down. The mountain bike of my brother in law was placed under the stairs. It was placed upside down. One day I thought what if, if the wheels of the bike would turn round and round, how would I feel. And just as I thought, it really happened and I was so really scared , my eyes wide open, can't move for awhile and can't scream, seeing just the one wheel turn round and round and then suddenly stopped as if someone had taken hold of it . When my fear subside I just continue wiping the stairs from top to the last stair down.

The bike downstairs not only fully focus only the wheel and at the time the photo was taken it was not on the upside down position.

Master's Bedroom Experience

My PWD sister and I had slept on all the rooms of the house. And the room we last slept before we left the house in 2018 was the master's Bedroom. We slept here longer than the other rooms so I had lots of scary experiences here. This room was the first one as you go upstairs. It has an exclusive comfort room with jacuzzi which I only experienced to use once when my older sister insisted to try it. I just tell the most scary experienced I had.

My older sister had a dream catcher which she hanged at the inside part of the door. When you are inside the room and the door closed it is clearly seen as you lie in bed. Because of lots of scary experiences in the house I let the lights on as we sleep. My Bible beside me and of course, prayer was made each night before sleeping. We were sleeping and I was awakened by an audible sound of someone who bumped at the door . When I looked at the door the dream catcher that was hanging there was swaying for the first time. I can't think of any reason why could it happen when though the aircon is on there's no way it's air can be able to sway it for it cannot be directly hit. So I just concluded that there is really an evil spirit in the house that is scaring me and I can sense it with the different experiences in that room.

Though I feel scared yet I know God is with me and is protecting me. And I believe God with me is greater than the evil one that is in the house. So I keep that in mind and heart that I overcome all my fears in staying that long in the house. By the way it took me to stay in that house for 3 yrs. And before I leave the house I said as I go out the door Don't follow me you evil spirit and I close the door.

My Final Say

I had lots of memories in this house in which I stayed for 3 years. For this house had been a placed for many celebrations of fun and enjoyment with family, friends, churchmates and acquaintances.During holiday seasons the Torno Clans had Christmas Party celebrations here. We also held Bible Studies and fellowship here with my churchmates.

I enjoyed staying despite of the scary experiences I had.

Thanks for reading this true story of mine.

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