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Did you wish to go somewhere else in a certain place for purpose of fun and relaxation? Or go to a place not of your own choice but the choice of others for you? Or you were going to a place because of urgency or necessity? Or is going to a place out of curiosity or adventure? Well whichever it is , going to a certain place will take you to travel or take a journey on your own or with others especially when you are not familiar with the place your going to. But then at times, no one is available to be with you, and you have to take your own risks travelling in order for you to reach the place of your destination.

Every person takes a journey of his own, in his own time, choice, and purpose. The success on his journey will depend upon how he prepared for it, and face it.

Our life here on earth is likened to a journey that we have to take. And it will take a lifetime to travel here to reach the destination we choose to take. It is a destination that every person will have the opportunity to know and decide to take later or sooner in life.

The Start of the Journey

Our journey start at the time of our existence , whom God our Creator who give as the life allow us to have. I'm sure everyone of us know when it is, for God to whom.He entrusted us tells about it. They are our parents whom God used as instruments for our existence. They told us when is the time of our birth and where is the place of our birth. The very first information that is so important as travelling documents in our lifetime journey. But of course , including our parents.

Our First Companion in Journey

Our parents are the most important and first companion in our journey. They are important to us in the same way we are portant to them. They took care of us from infant to childhood till we matured and be independent from them to decide for ourselves .

Our parents gave us a home to be sheltered and be protected. They provided the love, care and needs we needed in life to survive . They prepared us to the best of their ability to face life as it is. They see to it , we have the proper training and knowledge from infancy to childhood , from being dependent to independent. They have taken the full responsibility of us during the time we needed them most for we are yet in the first stage of our existence. We owe not lots but much to them for everything about us.

Our Childhood Journey

We don't know much of our childhood journey not unless our parents told us or rehearsed it on our ears, or showed us pictures of memories during our childhood days. But there are some instances that in our subconscious mind, there is left that we can remember. Events that has somehow deeply stored in our minds because it impressed us of the experienced felt. Those memories are experienced that had happened like a dream we had that we can still.remember when we awake from sleep. I have lots but not much to remember of my childhood days. What I can remember are those experienced that brought me happiness, sadness, fear, excitement and fun.

My Educational Journey

Having a poor and large family, I had my education from elementary to secondary in a public school. I can remember in my elementary days , my mother would come up to stage during graduation to pin me a ribbon being an honor student.And during my high school days I am included in lists of higher section. In fact in my fourth year high school I was in the section 1 the highest level in fourth year sections. I only reached a second year level in college, an under graduate, of a BSE course. I think it's not my parents fault , but I took the blame of it because I'm not that determined to finish it like those who are determined inspite of hardships and difficulties they faced in life.

Not being able to finish my BSE course, I had the opportunity to just take a 1 year vocational course , a secretarial course, which I determined to finish just to have something to achieve in life.

My Working Life Journey

Having finished a one year secretarial course, I was able to land a job in a small business establishment. I was able to use the knowledge I gained and been happy for it. During this journey I did enjoy the work for somehow in it, I was able to meet my personal needs independently of my parents, whom did not obliged me to have some of my work income but just wait on my willingness to do so.

My Married Life Journey

Like anyone on his journey in life, a time came for me to decide to get married, when I met the man who sincerely and loved me much more than I do loved him. We both met in the church where we were both an active member of. We don't have a long courtship and engagement. We decided to get married after just in a 7 month love relationship . We were both working in different business establishments and so we thought we are ready enough to get married and start to have our own family. We lived in harmony with each other because we are of the same faith and belief. We have both Christ in our hearts and life and maybe that is the reason why we survived problems and difficulties we faced and gone through in our married and family life.

The Role Of Decision Making In Our Journey

Decision Making, I believe has a very important role in our journey in life. It's one of the risky path we have to take. For we cannot know if we have decided right not unless we see the results of it in the future. And so making decisions must be prayerfully , wisely , cautiously, and seriously done. We can take solicited advice from someone we trust and look up to but still we have the final decision to make. It is our very own responsibility to take because it is our life and it is our journey to take.


There are two major decision we are to make in our journey in life. There are two aspects in our life that we have to decide . And this has something to do with our temporary life in this earth and the eternal life in the life hereafter. Both decisions in these two aspects in our life is to be done in our lifetime journey in this earth.

The first one is marriage

Marriage is a lifetime commitment, therefore the decision made must not be impulsive or rash because you will suffer the worst consequences all your lifetime journey in this earth.

The second is the decision to make for our eternal destination

The Bible clearly teaches us that there are two real eternal destinations , they are heaven & hell. Our decision is to be made here on earth while we are still alive and not when we are gone in this earth. The decision to take is based on the acceptance and rejection of Jesus Christ, The Saviour of the lost mankind like me and you. Believing in Him by faith alone and claiming for yourself what Christ has done on the cross of Calvary, His death to pay the penalty of your sins , is the way or means by which the grace of God in you can give you eternal life to enjoy in heaven. But in your rejection of Christ of to believe in Him and reject Him as your Saviour and Lord of your life now, before it's too late , eternal damnation awaits you in hell.

Lastly, to believe it or not is your decision to make. The truths revealed in the Bible remains truth till eternity whether we believe it or not , reject it or accept it.

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