Is The World Getting Better?

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To answer the question, Is The World Getting Better , we ought to look at the things that must be considered as a basis of comparison, in order to come up with an answer.

To do this, we should look at , from the beginning of the world , when God created it. When God created the earth He made man, Adam to have dominion over God's creation, and to take care of it. 8

The World In The Beginning

The Bible, us the most reliable source of information. The old Testament, records the Sixth Day of Creation. This is found in the book of Genesis , the first book in the Old Testament.

In creation , from the first day to the sixth day, God saw His creation was Very Good. The planet earth was rich in its natural resources to sustain man and every living creatures in it. In fact men lived a healthy living , having a healthy environment. This is evident by the span of life that God has in those days.

The Life Span of Man in the Beginning & at Present Time

Adam, the first man , lived 930 years and begot sons and daughters before he died. And the longest years lived on earth was 969, lived by the man, named Methuselah.

What shall we say then, Is the World getting better than the beginning?

Yes , the world is getting better,when speaking of how modern & high technologies in health and science existed. Numerous inventions were made like vitamins, medicines ,vaccines to fight sickness & death to prolong human lives.

Yes, the world is getting better when speaking of how many Inventions were made.

Like mechanical tools, fertilizers, pesticides, good breeds of farm plants, good breeds of animals good for food, to ensure more production for mass consumption .

Factories worldwide for processed foods, and instant food were made available to sustain the consumers .

Travels by air, by lands and by seas of goods & foods for exports and imports were made easier between countries were made possible by invention of planes by air , ships, by sea, cars, buses and other land vehicles .

Travels of man from one countries to another for purposes of work etc. were made easy and comfortable and safe.

Communications worldwide were made easier for Business transactions, social media connections through internet are made possible.

But all these things were not the answer to the question is the world getting better when speaking to its contribution to make the life span of man to get longer.

No, the world is not getting better in lengthening the life of man compared to the life span of man in the beginning of man. If we are going to compare the life span of people in our time today, there is none who have lived more than 120 years, I guess, despite the modern or high technologies inventions.

The Kind of Life Lived by Man in the Beginning and at Present

Adam & Eve though created in a very good state yet became in a sinful state condition. It was their choice and not God. They chose to disobey God , so they lived their lives separated from God. Their sins separated them from God. They lived the kind of life, based upon the consequences of their sins. They tasted death at the appointed time .

No, the world is not getting better , when speaking about the condition of man in his inner or spiritual condition.

The condition of man being sinful has not changed at present. If in the beginning our first parents disobeyed God, many are following the same chain of of attitude towards God. Just as Adam & Eve was deceived by Satan , majority in our times today are deceived by the lies of Satan.

The modern times and technologies did not change the sinfulness of mankind. It actually modernized the sinfulness of mankind. Unimaginable crimes are committed from.youngest to oldest of mankind towards one another irregardless of human relationships.

There is an endless conflicts and wars among nations against nations in the beginning of human history even until now.

The world is modernized by man by the intelligence they had . But men was not able to come closer to God in heaven but was made closer to the god of this world.Sad to say, but this is the reality that is happening now. Majority of mankind lived as if God is not seeing them in their sins committed in secret and in public.

Our present condition as of now is like that of the time of Noah. The wickedness of man on earth is great. And every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.

But on the other hand, if there will be those who by faith believe & accept Jesus Christ as Saviour , God will spare him from punishment. (John 3:16,17)

God is Our Witness

God being the witness , is a powerful Witness. Nothing can be hidden from him for He is above, and we are down here below. There is no secret things before him. He can saw clearly more than the naked yes can see.

All the affairs of men, private or personal are all transparent before Him. All the inner thoughts, intents, motives, and every actions behind every situations are clearly seen .

There is no limit in time nor limit in scope by which everything is catch by His eyes. The past, present and the future , He knows.

He excells in everything, in power, and might. He is above all things. He sits on the throne, and only He can sit on it and none else.

At His voice of command everyone and everything obeys Him. His words means Truth, Justice, and Power.

With such power and qualities He possessed , He fully deserved His position a Witness Behind Everything, who is Reliable and Dependable.

God is Holy, Just, and Gracious. Being Holy as God, He hates sin, as Just He will punish sin, and being gracious He will spare punishment of sin.

God Saw The Kind of Life that Men Lived

He saw the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. (Genesis 6:5)

He saw Noah was a just man and perfect in his generations, and Noah walked with God. (Genesis 6:8,9) .

He found grace in the sight of the Lord, so Noah was spared from the judgment of flood together with his wife, three sons, Shem , Ham and Japheth with the animals God told them to spare, a pair of each kind, male and female.

God executes Judgment of sin

Being Holy & Just God, God executed Judgment of sin , during the time of Noah by flood .

But during our present age judgment will be by fire. ( 2 Peter 3:10)

My Conclusion

Our present world can be seen in a better condition when it comes to modern technologies and high standard of living compared in the beginning, but it does not change the fact about the inner or spiritual condition of men being sinful in which case , God will judge the sinfulness of men, being a Holy & Just God. But as Gracious and Merciful as He God is giving ample time for mankind to repent from sins and believe and accept Jesus Christ as Saviour to be spared from judgment to come in this world by fire.We already had a complete revelation from God, the Bible. And there en will be no more prophet to come to earn us if God's judgment, it is all written in the Bible . The future events that will happen in this world and even in eternity is all recorded in the book of Revelation, last book in the New Testament.

Is There Hope For A Better World

Yes, of course, at the Second Coming of Christ, At His Millennial Reign, When Satan Will Be Cast in the Lake Forever, & At the Creation of New Heaven & New Earth.

Read the Book of Revelation it is all recorded there.

I believe all these will surely come to pass as God said in the Bible.

Thanks for reading.

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Sur, at least compared to the past, the world has become a better place. <Diseases that are before incurable can be cured today. There are laws today that protect people of different nations, colors, sexes. Security is also at its highest for now with AI, robotics, and new technology being developed.

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2 years ago

When we took about Technologies, our world is adapting the enhancement of technologies, which definitely change of ways of living. I mean, it gives us more comfort or convenience. But when we talk about the awful situations, like the war of Ukraine and Russia, I think its the worst. Instead of giving off love and peace, why making this world complicated.

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2 years ago