Is Election Important ?

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Philippines is a democratic country , wherein every citizen have rights ,& freedom to exercise. These rights and freedom.are embodied in the Philippines Constitution, which is the rule of the land. It is the basis that the government use to protect the individual rights of people as well as to implement to make people to be a responsible citizen of the country. Everyone of the citizen , irregardless of status in life, educational attainment, gender , natural born citizen or not is under such rule by which to give allegiance and obedience. And disobedience to any part of the rules is punishable by law.

One of the freedom or rights being exercised in the democratic country, like the Philippines is the right for suffrage or the right to elect or vote vote persons to assume the responsibility or position to lead the country . Every citizen who is 18 yrs. Old and above has the right to vote the persons or person to lead the country.

This year 2022 , is the last term of the present President , the highest position to be elected in the country .This present situation calls for an election of a new President to lead the country. Beside the President, the Vice President , Senators ,and other Local Government officials who served it's term in any position of leadership will also be elected by legitimate voters.

In a democracy the majority is the people's voice that is heard and given the attention. And the voice of the people is being heard through election. When people cast their votes in their respective place during election , it signifies their voice , their choice, their freedom, their privilege to whom they have given their trust and belief to the person or persons to lead the country , and eventually help the citizens of the country.

In election, the majority votes to a person for a certain position nationwide or locally wins. And the winners in the election nationwide and locally is being proclaimed. And after the proclamation will be the inauguration.


In a democratic country Election is very important because a country has to be a leader to be elected to lead the citizens of the country.

Election practiced in a country is a way of acknowledging the worth and rights of the people as a citizen in a country. It is acknowledging the rights to vote whom he desires to lead in the country and represents the country.

In Election , the legitimate citizen , has the freedom and the privilege to participate. He has a power in his hand to cast his votes, that his heart and mind dictates whom he wants to assume the responsibility and the position for the good of the country and eventually for the good of every citizen , may it be a legitimate voter or not.

In Election , as every legitimate voter participates, he is showing the character of a responsible citizen, exercising his privilege and freedom.

In Election, a legitimate voter, is casting her silent voice. A voice though silently written in a piece of paper , will somehow at the proper and in the process of time will be heard publicly , locally and nation wide.

In Election, the majority votes to a person locally or nationwide is the winner in the position he is elected to. It becomes legitimate when it is proclaimed and inaugurated.


May 9, 2022, is the election date, eleven more days , to go. We still have time to finally decide , if you are a registered voter, to vote. Let us exercise our freedom our privilege as a registered voters. Let our voice be heard by casting our votes to our designated precinct. Let us give our time . We are given the chance to show our worth by acknowledging our freedom , privilege and right to vote. Let us acknowledge it ourselves. Let us go out in May 9, 2020 and cast our votes in the ballot boxes, in our respective precincts.

On that very day, May 9, 2022, be sure no one or nothing should hinder us to vote. Use the allotted time given to us to vote. Employees on government offices or private offices and establishments are given time to vote. They were off from work to give time to vote.

For non working in offices, establishments private or public, let not your personal works hinders you to vote. I encourage you to vote.

Vote For Our Future, Non -Voters, & Coming New Generation

Our vote on May 9, 2022, is not only for us , but also for the present time generation who still can't vote. It is also for the future of the new generation who will be born after this election. They all rely on us as registered voters of the country.

If it seems you think , never mind , I don't care, think not only for yourself. Think about others who still cannot vote, but will be affected by your vote and the result of it. Think of those who will be born afterwards. Let us be persuaded by these people who has still not rights , freedom and privilege like we do have.

What is Election For Me

Personally , election is important for me.I believe , it is one of God's way to tell us how we ought to live in this earth, under the governance of same us. We ought to help one another, respect and love one another to make the least possiblity of living in our respective country wherein God has out us, to be responsible citizen exercising the right, the freedom the privilege we have . If we seek for more freedom, rights, or privileges let us start in this right or freedom or privilege of suffrage , the right to vote in the election. How can we have more freedom or rights or privilege if in this one, the right to vote we are not responsible of exercising!

Presently, I am staying here in Pasay City, and I am not a registered voter here. But this will not hinder my desire to exercise my right to vote. At May 4, 2022, I will be travelling back home in our province in Nueva Ecija, to cast my vote.

I am preparing now myself, physically , mentally , and financially. Praying God, would give me a peaceful, smooth, and safe travel.

My preparation of course includes , my prayerful choices of persons whom I will vote for the respective positions they are to assume in the leadership of our country.

I just hope & pray that we would have a peaceful and honest election.

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As the election comes near, I am feeling excited but nervous because that will be the day that dictates who will run our country. I hope Filipinos will vote who's the most deserving and righteous.

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I do hope too, that the election will turn out to be peace and honest. That the deserving one as you said and righteous will win. Let us pray that may all the registered voters would prayerfully and wisely choose the right one.

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