How Strong Is Your Will Power?

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The interrogative form of Title will make a reader to think at once about himself regarding the condition of his will power. His considerations to it will somehow moves him to ask himself and will try to find answers to it.o

I believed that in life as we go through it, from the time we become independent and mature, our will power has a great effect how our lives will be . The very condition of our will power , whether it be weak or strong determines the fate of our present and future life.

The very answer we will give to the question being the title of this article will be an eye opener for us on what should be done to pursuits in our life to ensure it's success.

Difference of Questions & Answers

QUESTIONS are formed because of uncertainties doubts created in the mind of a person. It demands an explanation, judgment, proofs, that is very convincing in nature. Not unless certain truths are proven with all honesty, questions remains just the same.

On the other hand, ANSWERS are words spoken to address to matters for clarity on the facts itself being considered. It is the key that opens up and give solutions so that the matters being considered and it's concerns be made obvious based on realities, observations & studies as truths or facts that are honest and acceptable.

QUESTIONS and ANSWERS compliment each other to avoid confusion, doubts, irregularities &Negativities . Matters being questioned and being answered were actually given justice by the truths and facts that are honest , acceptable and is proven.

The questions and answers therefore is important in knowing someone's abilities and capabilities . It is very helpful for a person in facing challenges in life more prepared and cautious in making plans , decisions and in moving on.

Situations And Reactions

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We face different kind of situations in life, some good & some bad and it is inevitable. It's a part of life that we will go through. Actually it is allowed for a reason and purpose in our lives. Through it we learn for they provided experiences in life whether it be better or bitter yet for our own good . We only realized later that something we considered bad are blessings when revealed at the right time. We call it blessings in disguise.

Difficult situations that we were able to surpass reveals something in us, that sometimes we actually don't believe we were able to endure and win over.

Looking back on past experiences that are profitable for us, because it had led us to learn from it, is a good reaction. And forgetting those things that will hinder us to move on forward is better & best as we welcome the new year of opportunities before us, having new hopes for improvement and better life ahead of us.

Knowing God, Others, & Self

God alone who is our Creator , knows us more than anyone else in this world. Everything about us past , present and future. Nothing is hidden or will be hidden from him. Even the intents of our heart and our thoughts are all known to Him. We can therefore , asked Him His help to guide and lead us all through life. Apart from depending upon Him we would be a loss , defeat and harmful to us.

Knowing others means we are socially connected with them in many ways. Seeking to deprive ourselves of others is detrimental for us being a social being. We were created not to be alone. God on purpose created us all for good. How we interact with them has something to say about us .

Knowing oneself , who we really are, is reflected by our actions and reactions towards God, others and situations. They are mirror to us , whereby our reflection can be seen. Our dealings with each of them in presence or absence reveals the kind of life we are taking and we will take.

With all these in mind, and being aware of, let us be real and be honest to ourselves. Denial would be a sense of cowardice and weakness & pride. Acceptance of ourselves who we really are is a sense of courage, strenght and humbleness. Of which traits is needed in our will power to be strong , which eventually will lead to a life of satisfaction and happiness in whatever state or condition in life we have to face.

A well balanced life

A strong willed person can be a successful one if he uses his strenght willfulness in a well balanced condition. It's true that success is certain in a strong willed person at certain points he is determined and focused. Obviously man people who attained success in the realm or field they have chosen in life, have somewhat failed in other aspects in their lives. Others may deny or ignore it , because it was covered by their successfulness but then the fact still remains that we cannot have all in life in this earth.

I believed a well balanced life is a life lived by giving what is due to whom it is due. Giving to God what is due Him and to others what is due to them and lastly to ourselves.

Keeping this in mind a strong willed person can come up to a satisfied or contented life.

As a final say, our answers to questions as the title of this article suggest, maybe different for now. But I just hope this article will help a lot for us to have a strong will if we lack it, and if we already have it , make its use in its proper balance to ensure a complete and satisfying results.

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God knows better than human being and he knows everything about us.

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