Goals = Life's Performance =Attainment

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The Nature of Life

Life is short and uncertain

Life is short and uncertain and anyone who realizes this, will be compelled to think more seriously on how to live a kind of life that is purposeful.

Such realization, does not come at once from an individual himself in his young or early stage in life but at the time as he becomes mature in life and had gone through the process of time by the experiences he goes through life whether it be good or bad. Different experiences concerning the aspects of life as human being physically, socially, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually .

The Important Role of Parents

The important role of parents begins when a child is born in the family and assumed the great responsibility as parents.

Taking full responsibility to their children

To become parents is taking their roles as full responsibility and accountability to God, who allows them to have their children.

Basically parents role is to provide for their physical needs to sustain their lives. They are to raise their children to be physically , spiritually, mentally, emotionally, morally, and socially good persons.Apart from these, as parents they are to prepare their children for their future life as they grow older.

Aiming a good future to their children

Any parents , regardless of status in life aims a good future for their children. Even before their children were born as a married couple they created plans of having a family and aimed how they wanted it to be.

Setting goals for their children

Once a sign of life is confirmed at the womb of a mother, a couple starts to prepare everything the baby needs .And at the process of life begins and continues, it coincides the process of planning and setting goals for the child's well being. Goals on what they want their child to be in the future becomes a motivation, inspiration as well as a challenge being parents.

Performing the set goals for their children

Goals sets for children which is highly motivated and inspired by love makes a joyful and easy performance . Handling any seeming hindrances that would probably lead to discouragements or sidetracked from the main focus of reaching the goal will be ignored . The pursuit of a goal becomes more persistent. Ways or means are easily thought of to overcome the overwhelming difficult situations that is existing.

Fulfilling the set goals for children

The set goals which begun from the time of the sign of life in the womb of the mother actually will take time to be fulfilled.

Certainly this task of fulfilling the set goals of parents for children is a step by step process of specific goals at the process of time. As the stages of life begins in the child's life , the specific goals set on such a stage of life coincides with it. The fulfillment of specific goals sets is dependent upon the kind of performance done by the parents.

Culminating in the Role of Parent in Establishing The Goals to Their Children

There is a point in time when parents reached the peak of their responsibility as parents to children to cease . From the stage of childhood dependency to young adult independency till adulthood.

Guiding and Advicing, Options to Take by Parents to Their Children

As the time passes while parents grows older and children as well, parents responsiblity shifts from full authority to lesser one, when the child is able to decide for himself . Children were given freedom to decide for himself . Guidance and advice from parents came to the scene as the option to take and give to their children to secure children's good decision for the good future and well being of the children they have brought up through the years.

The Cycle of Life

Our life here on earth is a cycle. Persons come and go, for death is sure to come to pass to every individual. Each one of us has an appointed time to God . Parents will leave their children and children will become parents and will have the same responsibility as parents to their children. And this is the cycle of life as the world & everything in it exists and people exists as God allows it.

The Purpose of Life

Life on earth is not only for a person to exist. There is a reason and purpose why we exist here on earth.

And we personally, as individual will discover this , somewhere in our life time.The God who created us, will personally reveal it to us.

The Bible Has Something To Tell

Allow me to use the BIBLE in reference to the CREATION of man by God. I personally believed that the Bible is the most CREDIBLE BOOK with regards to this matter. The Creations of God is very well accounted to, in the FIRST BOOK of the OLD TESTAMENT, the book of GENESIS, in CHAPTER ONE.

Before God created humans, God created first the things needed according to its importance and purposes . God prepared a perfect habitation , environment or nature necessary for human needs in.his existence. To know more about its details, you need to read it personally, in case you want to know.

Regarding the creation of human, the Bible states , He created first a man , then the woman. God created man after His own image , after His own likeness. A very unique way of creation compared to every living things that God has created.

God has endowed the human beings wisdom, talents , as well as the abilities and capabilities attached to it. So there will be no reasons why person cannot know God, and believe in Him to be able to know His very purpose why he is created.

In my personal insights, being created after God's image and in His own likeness, besides breathing the breath of life into his nostrils as what the Bible teaches, is God having a built in part in us in a spiritual sense, thus making us to have God counsciousness in our being, and the ability to communicate with Him.

Concluding Portion

No one can deny the fact that aware or not aware, we have a goal set in our hearts and mind. A goal that may be simple & easily attained. An specific goal which is short or long termed goal which is also attainable. Whichever it maybe having a goal to look up to will lead or direct us to a life saving time and effort performances in life for good. A life that is lived purposely, enduring the complexities of life with joy and peace within, enjoying life with love of God and loved ones to see us through life's difficulties, and victoriously living continually having full assurance of hope to the One we hold on to , who is God who remains the same forever inspite of uncertainties in life on earth.

Having goals leads or direct us to our life performance and our life's performance will result to the kind of attainment we will have now or in the near future.

This article is another step taken in fulfilling my goal in moving forward in 2022 by being more active in read.cash by writing more articles month after month the whole year round.

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