Family Bonding

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Hello everyone! For sure there are many among us have a long weekend. And since it is a long weekend, there could be plans on how it will be spend. Lots of ideas will come into one's mind , since NCR is now on Alert Level 2. Having many ideas, will be sorted out, upon establishing a concrete purpose and plans accdg. to importance or priority the family has to be done or achieve for the week. There maybe many considerations that need to be looked upon before coming up to final decision.

Considerations in Decision

Budget or Financial Capability

The one and foremost consideration that would determine a family bonding is where to celebrate it . Exclusive place out of town calls for a maximum budget , for it is expensive . Reservation for such accommodation is made in advance to work it out.

In case of a minimum budget, parks , and malls with entrainment for kids or fastfood chains would also be fun and will give satisfaction.

If in case it is not possible because of not having a maximum nor a minimum budget, family bonding in the house with purposeful activities, coupled with special food for meals and merienda will be fun and good as well. Togetherness and how it is spent matters most.

In reality, possibilities of family bonding is at hand . The possibility is dependent upon the mindset and determination of the person involved . If the mindset is on priority and importance of family, then family bonding is on his agenda or schedule for a week, or month, or on a special occasion. He would really give time though how hectic his schedule maybe.

There maybe Hindrances in having family bonding. But any problem has its own solution. We just need to face problems with open mindedness and positivities.

Looking always on the bright side of life, with calmness and coolness will make our mind think wisely and properly. Our hearts at the same time will feel lightness and not heaviness though problems comes on the way.

Major Possible Hindrances

Money or finances

Others find money as the great issue in having family bonding. There is truth that money is important in life, for it is essential in.meeting our basic needs physically. But handling it right, in its right perspective , it will not actually be a hindrance .

Money in itself is not actually a problem . Someone has said, the person handling the money itself is the problem. The attitude , the value, that a person given to it , dictates his actions . The means of getting it or how to accumulate it , was given more time , which resulted to lesser time for family.

Job or Work Outside & Inside the Home

Work outside and inside the home sometimes makes a person to be double minded in decision making. No one does not like to be disturb with work unfinished or work piled up due to unexpected situations that happened. For such reasons family bonding is postponed neglected and not prioritized.

Opportunities for bonding moments which could have been chance to meet a long time relatives' presence is missed, especially those who resides abroad and only once in a " bluemoon " , so to say had a vacation.

Events Family Bonding is Possible

Birthday Party

Birthday party is the most c ommon and at the same time a special event for a family bonding. Though celebrated once in a year , it could be many times celebrated, depending upon the members of the family and numbers of friends and relatives celebrating it.

Birthday celebrants usually give a long time of preparation for the party. No one wants to miss its celebration. It is the celebration that most of family , closed relatives are invited, besides friends , neighbors and acquaintances.

Family Reunion/Christmas holiday

During Holiday Season family clans used to have reunions . Family bonding is made possible because of long days of holiday from work and school . Funds and finances are made available because of 13th month pay , bonuses as well as food packed gifts are being received from different sources.

Christmas holiday , is a choice made by some families who do not go for the traditional way of celebrating Christmas , because of personal beliefs and convictions , spiritually speaking.

But setting it aside the whole world is celebrating it traditionally and religiously with own family , closed relatives, friends and acquaintances. There's no other occasion as like it, is well celebrated with much unity and joy and happiness.

New Year's Day

New Year is well celebrated occasion like Christmas Day. Most families desire to celebrate it with their own family intact together . They wanted to welcome the New Year all together during media noche.

Hearts Month or Valentine's Day

I think it is best called Hearts month when being celebrated by families with their loved ones. And for single ladies and gentlemen who have not yet have their very personal special loved one, but with just closed friends or family to celebrate with.

And it should be called Valentine's Day for those who have finally found their personal special loved one for life, to celebrate with.

At The Death of a Loved One

This could be the saddest family bonding ,that a family could have, but it is a reality to face in life.

This is the time when every family member would not intentionally miss because if it's urgency and importance.

They would really file a leave of absence from work, cancel appointments on clients, or business transactions. They would even scheduled flights going back home, being an ofw, or residing abroad just not to miss the event of last seeing a beloved one.

My Conclusion

As a conclusion, family bonding is important in having a happy and harmonious family life.

It creates an atmosphere of love and concern. It promotes personal closeness and bonds hearts and minds of concerned people in the family and closed relatives. It gives opportunities for every family's relatives to meet and know each other personally. It must be practiced early in the early childhood of the first child and be continued through life even our children have the family of their own.

Don't expect your child or children to be close to you when you do not have time to bond with them . Don't be surprised if your children are so closed and loving to whom they feel their importance because of the time given to them. And don't wonder if your children hide and not confide their personal problems to you because of lack of connection, interaction and communication with them.

Communication gap within members of the family should have been avoided only if family bonding is practiced within the family. Rebellious children are created because they lacked attention and warmth connections from parents.

Lastly, quality time is the most precious moments parents can give to their children. It can ba done daily , even in casual activities that can be fun and exciting . A moment by which love is warmly expressed in simple ways.

Be sure to have some with your children and wife no matter how busy you are.

God bless each one & family

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Ang saya naman friend ng inyong family bonding. Tama po na ang family bonding ay napaka important. Kailangang bgo magdesisyon ay maayos at makailng isip muna kung tama ba ang lahat ng planong gagawin. God bless po

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