Excuses, Suspicion Versus Reality

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  • Excuses Versus Reality

Hello dear readers, It's been quite a long time that I have not been active to write. Sad to say that I did not reached my goal for month of June and this month of July, this year. One reason is because of being so busy in cleaning up all the mess in the house, which was left unattended during pandemic and after pandemic before I arrived back home last month of May The second reason was I was unmotivated to think what to write. Somehow, the value of BCH going down had contributed to it, besides having my mind won't cooperate with me.

These all maybe my only excuses, to cover up my failures in reaching my goals, but in reality I had my shortcomings and have not been determined in overcoming the obstacles that I have faced but let it overwhelmed me and put me down.

Realizing then , my unproductivity , and my failures in reaching my goal of writing more articles every month , I had to start again and renew my goals and commitment in writing.

  • Suspicion Versus Reality

I wake up earlier than my son this morning. After doing my routine after waking up, I went to our terrace having my phone with me to have good internet connection .

I peep outside and noticed our front gate was unlocked. Since the gate of the terrace was still locked I go outside using the backdoor of the house. Checking outside the house I find one slipper at the side of our old side car parked just in front of the gate of the terrace. I also noticed the cover of the side car was detached from it.

Seeing those unusual things questions entered into my mind. The first question was what has happened? Then, is there someone who had entered in our premises without our knowledge? Then, is it a thief? So returning back inside the house I asked my My son who had just awaken , if he had locked the front gate for I saw it unlocked. And he said he did. I told him to come outside and see. He insisted that before he slept last night he really locked it. So we both agreed that there was really someone who had entered in the gate. Whether a thief or not we don't know.

Puzzled by the things that had happened I just go to the dirty kitchen to start my household task. I saw my sister coming out of their house for we are neighbors.

I told at once the incident that I discovered and my suspicion about it. I told her about the unlocked gate, the uncovered side car and the one slipper I found beside it . She go with me in front of the house to see what I am telling her. I took the one slipper and showed it to her.

She told me it was his youngest son's slipper. She said she was wondering where it is. For his son went home so drunk and had just one slipper on his feet. And she told me about all that had happened about her drunk son .

She said that his son was not in his right mind when he went home . We concluded that the person who assisted him back home thought that it was the gate of their house so they dropped him there . Actually it was our front gate and the other gate that leads to my nephew's house is on the back of our house which is the front of their house, for we are neighbors.

We also concluded that because my nephew was dizzy as he walks towards their house he took hold on the cover of the sidecar and caused it to pulled down. And he left the other slipper at the side of the sidecar because it was detached from his foot and just continue walking with the other one. To keep his balance in walking he tread the path where he could take hold on the grills of the terrace and haken hold on the plants on the plant box, and walk on the side of the house where he can take hold on something till he reached their house.

Seeing the traces of the broken trunk of the plant in the plant box, its leaves dropped on the ground and the papaya tree swayed I concluded that it's the path that he had walked on to.

My sister and I just laughed at what had been my suspicion for the incident that I had seen before we had a talk. If i had not known the reality of the situation, that it was his son who had entered in because of drunkenness, I would dwell on thinking that there was a thief that had entered in and had left his slipper upon knowing that somebody has awaken.

What shall I say then , except excuses and suspicion in any of a situation in life , must be faced accdg. to its reality or truthfulness. If ever there is an opportunity to seek to know the truth, do it. It is happier to live in the truthfulness and in the realities of life than in hear say, suspicions, excuses or whatever that has no legitimate basis .

What can you say dear readers? I'll appreciate any comments from you.

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Title: Excuses, Suspicion Versus Reality
Published: July 29, 2022 - Friday

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Nakakatakot naman talaga pag ganun sis pero buti nalang at nakauwi safely yung pamangkin mo.

Ganin talga mindset natin ngayon sis, kasi sa dami ng binabalitang may nananakawan kahit saan gamit abg ibat ibang modus.

Ganun talaga ang buhau sisminsan nakakwalang gana pero alam mo bavg ramdam ko din ang lungkot nung bumaba g husto si bch pero happy naman ako kasi may naiipon parin.

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1 year ago

I thought that it was really. A bad guy who get inside your house, thankfully that it was not a bad guy. Anyway, being consistent here in writing sometimes is too hard especially when we are too busy also with our personal life. BUT, It's always good to be back, 😊

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1 year ago