Different Perception/Conviction About Christmas

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Perception from Kids to Adults

Beginning from kids, teen agers , young adults and adults, all have different perceptions about Christmas. And such perceptions were based upon to whom they grew up with as a kid. And when they become exposed to society, meeting different kinds of people from all walks of life and with the different faith and beliefs, as teen agers, and young adults, they tend to either change or remain in such perceptions about Christmas. But as a person mature in the process of time , having more knowledge and experiences , perceptions about Christmas grows more deeper, meaningful and purposeful.

For kids , as young as 3 to 4 yrs. Old , nowadays, parents make them aware about Christmas in regards to its celebration. So what the kids can perceive about Christmas is a happy celebration of feasting on someone's birthday. The child might have been informed whose birthday it is, but not actually know more about the details about the birthday celebrant. And as they grow older at 5 to 7 years old, Christmas for them is only receiving gifts from relatives and loved ones, but more on godly parents that they have. And another thing is on having new clothes and new shoes to wear. And I think by reaching the age of 8 to 12 yrs. old , Christmas may mean not only receiving gifts but giving gifts as well. Then by reaching the teen age years and as young adults, till adulthood some changes occurs in some perceptions on what Christmas is all about. It becomes more precise , meaningful and purposeful.

My Personal Conviction

Christmas is all about God's Love , You & Me and the Whole Human Race

About God's Love

It is because of God's love to a sinful human race that God sent a Saviour into this world in the form of a human flesh, whom He is going to save from eternal damnation in hell.

We ought to understand that God is not only a Loving God, but a Holy and Just God too. And being a Holy and Just God He has to punish sin.

About Jesus Christ

He was born in this world , not actually on the 25th of December, as the whole world celebrate it. But it doesn't matter which date it was, as long as we believed that He was really born in this earth and lived as fulfillment of prophecy, as our Only Saviour, is what really matters.

The Virgin birth of our Lord Jesus Christ , is so important. Therein lies the sinlessness of Jesus Christ , as a pre requisite to be the Saviour of a sinful human race.

About Us (You and Me and the whole Human Race)

Everyone of us born into this world is sinful. We inherited the very nature of our first parents Adam & Eve, who through their disobedience to God's commandment sinned against God, and be punished. But thanks be to God, w ho loved us so much , that He sent Jesus Christ as our Saviour.


Therefore Christmas is all about:

C - Christ, is the God Sent One to be our Saviour

H - Hope that our sins will be forgiven

R - Redemption is possible and available

I - Inspiration to live in Joy, & Peace

S - Salvation from eternal damnation guaranteed

T - Thanksgiving to God for His great love

M - Mercy and grace sufficiency

A - All God's promises faithfully fulfilled

S - Security and safety in God 's hand is available and certain

Have a blessed and meaningful Christmas with loved ones and friends.

Published: Nov. 26, 2022

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Christmas is a manifest how to show the love and blessings to share, for me christmas is for all to be reminds how our jesus christ was born and spread the love to all of us and remjnds us how to give

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